• yoyoyo

    when is that exclusive coming!? and what is it!?

  • http://www.ithreesixty.com ithreesixty

    Thanks dopeboyz, and I will definitely be checkin for that exclusive!

  • yoyoyo

    you should drop it soon...but just tag it up like a muddafugga

  • jp444

    yo my problem with this kid is he'l rap about the stupidest shit..like trying to get butt from miss muffet..and thats aite if thts his thing but then he looks like a retard tryin to rap all hard on stage like that..thts a sick song all laid back and shit..but this video jst looks stupid..rapping a goofy song seriously

  • Jay Daniels

    it better be blunt cruise!!!!

  • notags


    you should drop it soon…but just tag it up like a muddafugga

    yoyoyo said this on March 31st, 2009 at 1:14 pm


  • jay

    I dont think asher is bad....but he has no substance...which makes me believe he wont be around long

  • http://www.twitter.com/santinog santinog.

    LOL @ the idiot above me who says ash has "no substance" what have you heard that qualifies you to make that statement? have you heard the album? NO... you heard Lark On My Go Kart & I Love College both are dope but they serve different purposes. I Love College reached the college/university/highschool crowd. Lark On My Go Kart proves that ash can play with words and have fun with it. Hell Ash flipped A Milli and made it about something more than money/hoes/cars so obviously you don't really know what you're talking about. Whatever you'll see.

  • jay

    lol at you defending a guy with nothing to say

  • http://crazyridiculus.wordpress.com 86

    man i had hopes for ash roth but damn he's overhyped like mug!!!