Cory Gunz – Hustler’s Anthem Freestyle

blame it on Meka March 31, 2009

A new Tuesday, a new “Tuesdays With Cory” freestyle. I’m waiting on someone to rip that “Linus & Lucy” cut to pieces. Props to RR.

DOWNLOAD: Cory Gunz – Hustler’s Anthem Freestyle

  • what Linus & Lucy cut?>

  • Tommy

    ^^ I want to know that too

  • Bizzy

    yeah Meka shed some light

  • Meka

    youtube search “linus & lucy.”

  • ELY

    Charles hamilton has a song called “stutter” over a Linus & Lucy sample.

  • Isaiah Thomas

    smh at yall folks for not knowin linus & lucy = the peanuts theme song…charlie brown -_-

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Cory is nice but this freestyle was wak!
    Really wak! He plays around to much. When he gets that he becomes unbearable to listen to at times.

    When he’s in that zone he sounds like Bizzaro from D12 just with lyrics.

  • i’ve never really felt this dude. i think its cause he dissed skillz back in the day in a joint song with shaq, or when i listened to his older shit from a couple years back, he would say shit that didnt make since to his current topic, it just rhymed. Maybe he’ll evolve tho…


    i agree with him playin around too much.
    dude needs to get FOCUSED lol
    i seen what he can do when he spazzes and i want him to do it all the time.

  • This fucking retard tried to diss skillz, what a chump.. fake ass homo will never had 1% of his skillz