Jadakiss - The Last Kiss (Album Stream)

blame it on Shake March 31, 2009

I had my hands on a copy of the old version for quite sometime, a slew of changes have been made since then and the album is now available to stream. Hit the jump for an exclusive listen to The Last Kiss, featuring the likes of Pharrell, Lil Wayne, Nas, Mary J Blige, Young Jeezy, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Ne-Yo and more!

*applauds eskay!
Also, X politely ripped What If for ya'll. So you can enjoy that until you purchase the album next Tuesday.

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss - What If f. Nas [Imeem Rip]

  • starbettv

    that somethin else song is FIRE!!!

  • BeatMonarchs

    decent album not the classic people made it out 2 be
    i think i liked the mixtape better but thats just my opinion

  • yoyoyo

    now lets get asher's shake

  • Bizzy

    NO JAY FEATURE... sniff sniff
    smh u SUCK JADA
    lol i will STILL support it (buy it) if i like it tho

  • starbettv

    that what if song is FIRE too!!!
    esco went in!!! like always

  • What If Saddam Hung Bush? What If Martin Was Violent? That Shit Is Crazy.

  • yowaa

    what if Portland woulda drafted Jordan.

    Kiss is 2 nice. just needs to pick better hook/beat combos. smh

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  • Shake

    "smoking gun" is dope.

  • Ripper

    It's time for the web rip! :)

  • if this is streamed...this has to be damn near available for download...this may be worth 14$ to buy.

  • Yeah Smoking Gun Is Pretty Heavy.

  • Nick

    weak. im very dissapointed. His singles were by far the best songs on the album. I was actually going to buy this too... not anymore..

  • i been waitin for this *clicks && listens*

  • Tommy

    GOD DAMN, this CD has way too much of a happy-pop sound for me. I was expecting to hear hip hop. I like Jada, but this is meh at best.

  • rufus

    that wat if song is nice!

  • james

    Way too many features. Jada can spit but he needs some creativity when it comes to creating albums and quality songs. How is What If? any different then Why? I can bump both but they're essentially the same song.

  • bruce leon

    not bad... not a classic though

  • ajb

    yo what if was crazy and hurt my fuckin brain



  • Jizz on your chest

    Styles > Jada.

  • Jae

    sounds sick
    the irony of that whos real song tho, is that its gonna be mostly fakes bumpin it
    just like how mostly broke people bumped i get money

    the jada/ghost chemistry is ridiculous

  • FakirWise


    the irony of that whos real song tho, is that its gonna be mostly fakes bumpin it

    who appointed these guys to make assumptions and think they are right?

    Album sounds pretty damn good. probably will get it on iTunes instead of a CD since they are slowly becoming a thing of the past.....Does anyone here think that "fire" has become a bit too cliche to use nowadays?

  • alexkline

    i think smoking gun is tight, i like the album overall, i'm always down to hear some jada....
    HAaaa HAA!

  • untruthfully_BLACK

    this album is crack!

  • DayO

    Styles > Jada.

    Jizz on your chest said this on March 31st, 2009 at 6:00 pm


  • kindbuddy

    Styles > Jada.

    Jizz on your chest said this on March 31st, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    of course

  • DayO

    swizz beatz need a new formula...

  • DayO

    ...foreal, im seriously upset about that shit.

  • Slurpie

    "An A-list lyricist that produces B-list albums"

    So true..

  • Tommy

    lol @ one of my comments being taken down...Shake/Meka you fail for dispelling my opinion. aren't your careers based off opinions? ;]

    good night my people.

  • just listening now, swizz is falling off all his beats got same structures these days
    albums just average jada need to get more creative
    verses still proper but to many south beats on this

  • Shake

    "lol @ one of my comments being taken down…Shake/Meka you fail for dispelling my opinion. aren’t your careers based off opinions? ;]"

    i never took a comment down. and i never do unless its just plain spam or nothing but self promotion. if you didn't do either, i would've left it alone. so we don't fail at anything. but i do enjoy everyone starting to hate. its beautiful.

  • jada gets on my nerves cause he is crazy with lyrics but his production sucks always. I mean one thing about Def Jam u usually get good production. how can your production be some lame for a artist of his caliber. I am a huge jada fan and i have always said this. he needs guidence when he goes through beat selection. I never want jada to be commerical but to seel or make any type of dent u have to have some kinda of single. and these beats don't cut it.

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  • Huh?

    I'm not feeling the album. I like Jada but I can't get jiggy with this shit.

    the mixtape > album.

  • i agree mixtape over the album these hooks are horrible
    the song with sheek is horrible. I have never been a sheek fan. styles and Jade fire then this dude just comes in a say nothing


    that things i been through
    i like that shit 2

  • el09ic

    are you serious? why would you waste your time on ripping tracks if you can already download the whole free album. It's already on the web!

  • wootwoot

    Who's Real is 100% assjuice. Who Run This should be on there instead

  • juniorladybeats

    lyrics on "What If" are dope, but what can you expect when he's workin with nasty nas



  • Tommy

    so we don’t fail at anything. but i do enjoy everyone starting to hate. its beautiful.


    the word hate is thrown around too much, i hate my enemies, i dont hate random kids from the internet. not even worth the energy my dude.

  • woot

    yo this album is dope as fuck. Jada just needs to leave off Who's Real, and could leave off Rockin With the Best, and Come and Get me. I would put Who Run This on in one of their places. And then get a joint with Jigga. Make it 17 tracks and with those 2 replacing the 3 weak songs he could have the best album in quite a while.
    Smokin Gun is crazy. That could be like a grammy nominee with the subject matter. Jazmine Sullivan did amazing with the chorus but it sounds like MJB should have been on that one, but I don't think she could have done it better than Jazmine did.

  • woot

    oh yea, somethin else remix isn't needed. I understand D-block gotta get on the album to get known, but those D-Block boys just aren't good enough to be on a Jada album. Come and Get Me actually can stay, although the chorus should be better.

  • woot

    they should have saved somethin else remix for the d-block album and had styles and sheek instead of jeezy

  • esskaywhyzeeoo

    this album really should be like this:
    1. Who Run This
    2. Pain & Torture
    3. Can't Stop Me
    4. Grind Hard
    5. Somethin Else
    6. One More Step
    7. Stress Ya
    8. What If
    9. Things I've Been Through
    10. I Tried
    11. Rocking With The Best
    12. Smoking Gun
    13. Cartel Gathering
    14. From Now Till Then
    15. By My Side
    16. Letter to B.I.G.
    17. Deathwish
    18. Kiss My Ass

  • who run this

    if they really wanted to bring back NY, Somethin Else would of had Jay-Z instead of Jeezy, AZ would have been on What If with Nas, and Who's Real wouldn't be on the album, but a song with Method and Redman would be. Theres several beats on this that feel like they could easily be for Red and Meth, but I think they sound good without them, so 1 more beat like that with them on it would make this album classic.

  • who run this

    somethin else shoulda been jada jay and fab

  • who run this

    somethin else shoulda been jada jay and fab, but jeezy can stay on the remix

  • Pssssst

    the album was pretty good. could do without 3 tracks. hope he does better numbers then jenny jones

  • HipHopInthusiast

    I'm feelin' the album...it's ten times better then Jim Jones new joint. Does anyone know if there are any other bonus tracks planned for release? Possibly a CDQ for "Hard Times" with Barrington Levy.

  • FakirWise

    You know Esskay that's a good order you got. Nice opening, middle of the album definitely wont bore you and ends strong. While I don't have a problem with Who's Real as most here do, I don't think it belongs on the album. However, it does seem that Jada took at attempt to cater to not only NY but the south as well. Can't really knock him for trying.

  • He didn't feature fab on any of his songs?