Nas On Dogg After Dark (Video)


Performing "One Mic." Dogg Affter Dark's season finale is tonight.

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  • McMoney

    Stillmatic > Illmatic my opinion, but then again I didn't grow up in Queens in the 80's and 90's listening to Nas.

  • Jae

    but props to snoop for binging a good finale

  • sargeant slaughter

    illmatic>all of nas other materials....

    saw nas perform on NYE a couple years ago in LA....was pretty impressed by his performance...

  • Sb 562

    this was one of nas best songs u cant even front on that though....

  • Big_E

    one of my fav songs of all many ppl fake on it 4 sum reason..?

  • Corporate Forces

    Season Finale?!? I didn't even know there was a season premiere

  • Chieflo

    illmatic> any hip hop album. this show has come full circle from a drunk ass paris hilton freestylin on the first episode

  • nastydaville

    that white girl goes hard with her one in the air goes hard.

  • Young856

    maybe im just a nut but i dont wanna hear no inspirational shit while im in the club...


  • Young856

    maybe im just a nut but i dont wanna hear no inspirational shit in the club...


  • Young Son

    I don't know Young856. That would be a good contrast to the BS.

    Oh, and McMoney. EPIC FAIL! Nas wasn't out in the 80s. He first debut on Main Source's "LIVE AT THE BARBEQUE in 1991. Let's do the knowledge people.


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