Slakah the BeatChild - Enjoy Ya Self v2 f. Drake

Before I end the night I had to get this track up that my girl Melanie shot to me. I have to admit, I've heard of Slakah the BeatChild but I haven't heard Slakah the BeatChild. After two listens of this joint though I'm in need of his album, The Soul Movement v.1, like yesterday.

Substantial Live in Rennes, France (Video)

[youtube=] QN5 put up some ill performance footage (shouts to DooinitMusic) of Substantial's set during a show in Rennes, France w/ CunninLynguists & DJ Flip Flop. The clip also features 'stan letting go of some details on what to expect from him.

Naughty by Nature Talks O.P.P., Tupac, Sex, etc (Video)

Naughty by Nature are the next guests on RockMeTV. In part 1 above, they speak about being The New Style before taking the name Naughty By Nature; and their strategy of success. Part 2 (after the jump) has Treach & Vin Rock talking about touring back in the day and what their life on the

Eminem - Black Amerika (Artwork)

I have a feeling there are gonna be about 537 mixtapes released before Eminem drops Relapse. Like this one... presented by Stack House Recordings. It's safe to say there will be no "new" Em joints on here but there's always a chance for 1 or 2 dope blends. The main reason for the post though

Celtics 127, Bulls 128

I know it's not a Lakers post... but this HAD to be made. Holy shit! Game 7 awaits...

Busta Rhymes - Maybach Music II (rmx)

Man... these Celts need to fix their feet before they shoot. But damn, if this isn't one of the best series I've watched in ateast 7 years I don't know what is. Anyways... two Busta posts in a row. Does that mean we're on our bullshit too? I don't know why you took out Kanye

Lloyd Banks Responds to Rick Ross' Eminem Diss (Video)

Ahh shit... Banks spoke with MTV about Ross' recent bating of Eminem. Some choice quotes... As far as calling out Eminem, c'mon man. That's just gonna make me spank on you even harder. I got Officer Down, Part II coming. He'll have to deal with that. As far as calling out Eminem, you're not in

DJ Drama - We Must Be Heard f. Ludacris, Willie the Kid & Busta Rhymes

Luda's verse was leaked on the Trap-A-Holics tape yesterday, here goes the full version off Drama's Gangsta Grills: The Album v.2, dropping May 19th. I also included a NoDJ version of the Luda x Snoop x Nate Dogg joint. DOWNLOAD: DJ Drama - We Must Be Heard f. Ludacris, Willie the Kid & Busta Rhymes

The Empire & Gucci Mane - Guccimania (Mixtape)

Gucci! Umm, yea. Exclusives, unreleased shit, yadi yadi. A typical Empire mixtape, with a horrible rapper... I will never ever ever understand why people like this shit. Ever. DOWNLOAD: The Empire & Gucci Mane - Guccimania (Mixtape)