Joe Budden – Pride & Paranoia: Best Of Joe Budden (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 2, 2009

In the same light as Growth & Patience: Best of Royce Da 5’9″ v.1; Trackstar the DJ & The Smoking Section have got together again to release Pride & Paranoia: Best of Joe Budden for youse out there to download and put on your iPod Zune. Dumb Out, Dear Diary, Broken Wing, If I Die Tomorrow, etc. They are all here but of course there will be some disagreements from people on the final tracklist (I’m one of those people btw) but they did a pretty good job at getting together a good collection.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden – Pride & Paranoia: Best Of Joe Budden

  • theeFLYY

    tracklisting isn’t on point.

  • B BOY

    this site is acting slower than a turtle wit down syndrome

  • Pssssst

    no thanks

  • Zune FTW

  • sargeant slaughter


  • Steve_O

    Trackstar’s original tracklist was way better.

  • Shake

    whoops. link added.

  • mee

    Looks pretty good but where is 3 sides to a story

  • Are they better quality? Cuz some of those MM2 tracks were epic, but had horrible quality.

  • ROK

    interesting choices for the tracks…

    my best of Joe Budden would be much different

  • rob22

    No tracks from Padded Room?? Hey, at least they got that part right

  • xastey

    some good tracks but not the best.. o well

  • what up shake!
    i knew there would be disagreements on the tracklist–trust me it was damn near impossible to get it down to the tracks i chose…and i still hear tracks pop up in my itunes and i’m like “HOW COULD THAT NOT MAKE THE CUT!?”…
    the mix isn’t really for diehard Joey fans necessarily–I assume any Internet Soldier would feel he could make a better tracklist, that’s what I’d expect out of any serious fan of an artist…
    but for folks like my fiancee, who heard Pump It Up and then didn’t really check for dude…its my version of an introduction into Joe’s world.
    for those who DLed–thoughts on the remixes?

  • Steve_O

    @ Trackstar

    I’ve been bumpin that Dear Diary (Kilroy Remix) since you posted it on JBTV. I’m anxious to hear the Ventilation remix.

  • If you dont have “Who Killed Hip Hop”(THE FULL VERSION) and “3 Sides to A Story” then you dont have a credible “Best of Joe Buddens” mixtape.

  • @Steve-O:
    Right on, appreciate that.
    Ventilation Remix link:

    CDs are 80 minutes. You just ate up over a quarter of your running time. Joey got a pile of insane 6 minute plus songs, it’s a tough task. Those two tracks are crazy dope though and were hard to cut.

  • ddd

    Definitely a solid mix.

  • ddd

    Padded room has 3 of the best songs ever written. too bad not one made it.

  • Steve_O

    That Ventilation remix is dope too. Kept the same sort of vibe as the original track but with a completely different musical backing. I likes!

  • Shake

    oh yea. its inevitable. joe budden himself could make the best of tracklist and folks would argue it up and down. that’s just how lists work these days haha. i enjoy the mix regardless dude. as i stated above. good stuff.

  • Steve_O


    What’s the word on that challenge you threw down at Joe for the foot race?

    “it’s not just a clever DJ name people” — Trackstar

  • @Stteve-O:
    challenge still stands–as far as I can tell he don’t want none lol. glad you like the ventilation mix…lots goin on in that beat

    thanks my dude…and unfortunately the mix was done before padded room came out. fret not, vol 2 in the works.

  • XIII

    thanks to the c-section i realized i got snubbed by itunes for the last 3 tracks off mood muzik 2

  • @ Trackstar…I feel you on the trying to narrow it down and what not, I don’t think “who” would be a good look mainly due to length…but where is “Whatever It Takes”(Clinton Sparks mix)? That song didn’t necessarily START this barbecue shit, but this is the motherfuckin’ thanks it gets? LOL…props regardless fam.

  • SlowFlow

    Youse isn’t a word. ‘You’ is also plural.

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    How can you have the Best of Joe Budden without 2 Sides of a Story? You Can’t! Take off Family Reunion & The Future(which is trash)put on 6 minutes of funk RIP Stack Bundles

  • you mean 3 sides of a story? lol…trust me. it was heavily considered…regardless thanks everyone for listening and commenting. Best of Killer Mike coming next I think…

  • hiphop4life

    yo can u post the link for dear diary johnny killroy remix?!?

  • Peter Crowell

    Whatever It Takes (Find a Way) should have made it, as well as probably Pray for Me off PR and maybe Better Me off HH…