Lonely Island - I'm the Boss f. Seth Rogen (Video)


Another SNL Digital Short. I'm the bawsse. Also, hit the jump for The Fast & Bi-curious. Hilarity...

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  • enrico

    lol they crazy

  • So I know 2db is gonna world premier that remix w/Thugga & Rawce right?

  • Speed

    It's Andy SAMBERG and it's not just him, it's his group, The Lonely Island that did this.

  • Kid Goya

    The Lonely Island is a group and they make all this crazy funny songs, Andy is part of the group since before SNL, I think Justin Timberlake is a "honorary" member, hes in the jizz in my pants video

  • Antone

    Incredibad is actually one of my favorite albums of the year...

    I wish more people would check it out.

  • Bought Incredibad on day on. Lonely Island is the shit!

  • Justin Timberlake an honorary member? HAHAHA LMAO...no

  • *day one

  • Big_E

    incredibad is dope but some songs r just plain dumb lol..i guess these r goin on the nxt album

  • Incredibad Is Nice, Its Just That It Gets Old After A While, Definitely Good For A First Try And I Hope The Try Again. Dick In A Box Is A Classic.

  • Jpeezy

    Im looking forward to punching shake in the jeans..

  • the lonely has resurrected SNL big time. Maybe not in hilarity but definitely in viewers.

  • bubushiz

    fukin dope that was too funny


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