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Random Acts of Fuckery: DJ Vlad’s a Douche Bag Edition (Video)

blame it on Shake April 5, 2009

I’ve been saying that this guy is a fucking loser. The past month has beyond proven that. First you have the nerve to tag a phone call you recorded where Crooked I is speaking on being shot (at)? Way to have some human decency. And now you come out of left field with some “Bishop Lamont Released From Aftermath” shit. I didn’t believe it when I watched the video; which I won’t link to, sorry (not really). And the above clip has Bishop talking on the rumor and Vlad himself. Oh yea… we back!

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  • SlowFlow

    You really love this moral high ground bullshit, don’t you? First the Chris Brown thing and now chewing this dude out. Get real, motherfucker. You’re no better than anyone else; quit acting like you are.

  • ^Dude.. it’s a blog. Aka all editorial and/or opinion.
    You don’t have to like it.. shit you don’t even have to read it..
    but if you think you have a right to voice your opinion against their’s– yet they should be slammed for voicing their opinion on their own fucking blog, well you’ve got ignoronic hypocritical issues that even I can not help you with.

  • b-REAL

    ^^^ you guys are douche bags…if shake thinks someones a douche bag let him call him out. You two think its so righteous and awesome to type in big words to try and address a problem…fuck off and dont post gay bullshit like that as if your some almighty righteous person

  • b-REAL

    sorry The Milk to your Shake I read your post way too fast and missed the point completely…i meant only SlowFlow was a douchebag

  • mee

    If crooked spoke to him exclusicely of course he is going to tag it. After all it is big event and could be big publicity for him (dj vlad). If he didn’t tag it then someone else could take the video and lose the hype the hype which is rightfully his. To be honest I hae yet to see what he actually does but I can’t see the problem with tagging the crooked video.

  • ian

    I’m not gonna speak on his VladTV-era career ‘cos its of little interest to me for the most part but for people to say they don’t know what he actually does is just a sad reflection of how corny hip hop, the audience and the media, has become in the internet era. Dude was one of the top creative mixtape DJ’s in the game responsible, with DJ Dirty Harry, for two of best mixtapes of all time: Rap Phenomenon I and II. All these so-called hot mixtape DJs like Cookin’ Soul, Benzi, Mick Boogie etc. who do theme mixtapes nowadays wouldn’t even exist if Vlad hadn’t laid the groundwork for them with his work a few years back.

  • shAwn

    well now that we got vlad the douche’s dickriders out of the way for the most part…he’s a hoe. I was glad when officer ross gave the beat down you deserved.

  • Mr. Rogers

    isn’t he german? (says it all)

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I have to say DJVlad is a prime example of be a true and real person everyday of your life for someone or people will get the wrong impression the minute you take a break.

    I said that because DJVlads new legacy and probably will end up being his lasting legacy is being a coward media blogger/journalist with no code of conduct or morals because like “ian” said in the above comments “Dude was one of the top creative mixtape DJ’s in the game”

    ian is completely correct. DJVlad made legendary mixtapes by himself and with Dirty Harry and Dirty Harry is NO JOKE. Going way back in the 90’s. Their blends and exclusive accapellas that they had were crazy. I mean VladTV didn’t take off not until maybe 2 years ago because he was always advertising that he’s charging $200 or $300 for mixtape hosting every other day on his myspace. Now he transformed into this shitty online media journalist.

    DJ Vlad should work for TMZ with the unethical style he uses. Karma is a bitch though DJ Vlad and we’ll all hear about it again just like when Rick Ross’s camp pulverized your skull in the floor at the Ozone Awards.