Rhymefest – The Manual (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 6, 2009

After giving the it a few listens over the weekend, I finally had the pleasure of premiering the brand new mixtape from Rhymefest; over at the plantation. This shit is pretty fresh, especially if you’re a fan of the Golden Era of hip hop.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Rhymefest – The Manual [via HipHopDX]]

  • Mr. W3st

    I Been Waitin 4 This! (ll)

  • Adup

    Rhymefest bores me. But giving it a listen never the less, been waiting on some Scram Jones stuff.

  • Steve_O

    Fest is a beast on the mic.

  • MC_Surge

    haha he put the charles hamilton diss on here

  • yo

    Used to respect the man before completely bitched up and started beefing with hamilton. He should have been bigger than that.

  • Should’ve saved RNQ for the album, hopefully Fest worked w/Primo again for El Che!

  • Tommy

    I want to listen to this, but after his FAGGOTRY with DJ Vlad I don’t know if I can.

  • steve-o

    was about to get it, before he left the charles diss taint it.

    hope he regains what he use to be :(

  • melosz

    fcuk this download the dead zone and at most im just by charles

  • Those two mixtapes from Charles were hands down the worst pieces of garbage this year.

    Not to hop on the CH hating bandwagon, but it has to be said.

  • JT

    Kind of agree, I don’t usually like it when comments bash rappers for no reason, but I feel like he is spreading himself too thin. Take some time, put out some complete work instead of tossing together a weak mixtape.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Damn Rhymefest I’m feeling you on dissin Charles Hamilton and all the explanations etc. but to put the diss track on ya mixtape is wak!

    If you think of him as a non issue and lame etc. then have the diss track seperate from ya mixtape homie! Ya mixtape is based on rappers from the golden era in the attempt of making the mixtape a “classic” then why taint it with a diss song about a MC who isn’t totally relevant yet in comparison to the legendary mc’s that are on ya mixtape.

    It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like a oxymoron! Leave that sonic nigga alone. The more you diss him the more youdraw attention to him not ya self dummy!

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Thanks for the post. Always good to hear ‘Fest goin’ in and Scram on the beats. Peace

  • Jae

    dope tape
    the diss actually fits on the tape, it IS old school themed. it actually sounds decent as a part of this collection of songs

  • bg1313

    Ch dead zone is doper then anything rymefest has made. The other mixtape was ehh! Charles needs someone to sing his weird hooks, and it’ll be a wrap. And I love real hiphop I can barely stand drake or cudi, and know one hates on there R&B! Muthafucker cant sing for shit. you get some john legend, c-lo, jill scott, music soulchild, drake ( to sing) etc.. Its over! I think thats how is album is gonna B. And he raps way better then the lames mentioned.

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  • …like CD downloads are tracked for a reason..if u think one song messes up the flow…delete it. i can’t see the rappin on this CD letting me down…Charles Hamilton conversation should be removed from here…”This Is Hip Hop, it aint for bitch niggaz, it aint for Pussies” This dude gets my clicks regardless of c section chatter



  • Yo, hook it up with a MEDIAFIRE link this one sucks, Zshare is BS (and so is HipHopDX) I mean it’s only been a day & a half WTF! I need this.

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  • Come on ya’ll MEDIAFIRE is the only way to really post all those other websites get deleted.

  • Are ya’ll gonna re-up this link or what…damn!

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  • Horus
  • Ben

    i wrote my first ever review on this mixtape!
    the link is

    i would really appreciate it if you could read my review and give me some feedback. feel free to read my newer reviews to see how i am getting better and keep checking in with Da What for up to date hip hop information!

    thanks in advance

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