Skillz Presents Hip Hop Confessions ep.1 (Video)

Damn, so Skillz has never purchased or heard an entire Outkast album? Crazy! Anyways, dopeboyz/girlz... what are your confessions?

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  • Dunn-D

    Skillz should slap himself for not knowing how dope 3 stacks is!!!

  • Jpeezy

    skillz should sit on a cactus..

  • bushytop

    skillz is like the charles barkley of hip hop. that motherfucker can get away with saying anything.

  • Jeff F. From Va

    this explains a lot...

  • gooderz

    OK my confessions, and i have a few...

    i've never listened to any 2pac album in its entirity

    i don't like " it takes a nation of millions...."

    when i was younger i thought notorious b.i.g. and biggie smalls were two different people

  • B-rown

    I've never listened to an album by:

    Lil' Wayne
    Young Jeezy
    Rick Ross

    ....and I never will.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    OMG DJ Rick G didn't know Shock G and Humpty Hump was the same person! WOW! That is a no no! WOW lmao!

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I fill Skillz on the Outkast but not buying ATLiens is a no no though.

    Andre 300 was always nice and fell off after ATLiens but is still nice but overatted now though.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I fill Skillz on the Outkast but not buying ATLiens? Wow that is a no no though.

    Andre 3000 was always nice and fell off after ATLiens but is still nice yet overatted now though.

  • Kendink1987

    this really good to see... I wonder what other confessions are out there. I look forward to seeing other episodes.

  • Word

    Haha! Brilliant project! I'm def addicted. Got my own confessions myself x=

  • nyceman182

    Yeah, we need more of this
    My confession: In the beginning i was feeling that soulja boy track, Birdwalk

  • Delacy

    I hate a lot of so called "vets". Fat Joe, UGK, Scarface...I can go for a minute. Don't revoke my hood pass!

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  • SCarter

    Damn, Rick G look like he got humpty's nose on!

  • londonboi

    ANDRE FELL OFF AFTA atliens??? can u say the love below? can u say AADa Art of Story Tellin? Return of the g? Mamacita?

    oh and my confession is i dont own any biggie albums. And i was never in love wit dude like all these hip hop heads are lol.


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