Lloyd Banks – In Luv Wit Ya Boy f. Ron Browz [Dirty/CDQ]

blame it on Shake April 9, 2009

First it was an unmastered/DJ-infested rip, then the clean version and now we present the mastered/explicit version. I normally don’t make this many posts about one song (especially one with Ron Browz), but Banks murders it sooooo… yea. Speaking of Ether Girl… he’s not too happy with getting ethered by XXL. Dah well…

DOWNLOAD: Lloyd Banks – In Luv Wit Ya Boy f. Ron Browz [Dirty/CDQ] | Mediafire

  • Ron Browz is wack sorry…

  • shAwn

    i love his production work…but as hard as banks goes in…song still cant get play with me.

  • shawn

    ron brownz is such trash he ruins it for banks…

  • Dez

    ron browz might be te wackest dude out… but Banks killed this shit

  • hrd

    Songs not that great :/

  • JF

    OMG … Ron Browz made this track unbearable.

    i thought it was just ppl saying he ruined it just because, but no, he really did ruin a good verse from Banks.

  • shippskelly

    i dont think he really ruined it but it would be much better if he wasnt fuckin shouting in the back through his whole verse and banks definitely shouldnt have given him his own verse. no no NO! banks was nasty though, any word on a new album by him or something?

  • Jay

    I don’t know how Ron Browz manages to ruin a beat so well. But yeh, Banks killed it.

  • niketheory

    I’m sorry, but I refuse to listen to this. I can’t stand to hear Ron Browz, like for real. I’m sorry if I’m biased, but that’s how I feel. This guy is a fucking joke. Ether Boy? You’re taking credit for a fucking beat that wasn’t really all that hot. Nas made that song what it is, who cares about the decent production? Then he makes a RECORD LABEL behind the name Ether Boy. He has a chain with the same shit and a tattoo on his neck that says it? What a fucking joke. I really can’t stand dude. He’s not original. He would be shit without auto-tune, and he doesn’t even use it right. The vocal quality of his music SUCKS. I definitely didn’t mean for this to be so long, lol. I just really dislike dude.

  • crayolaboys

    is 2dope gonna bring back 2dope questions??

  • m.

    fuck ether girl.

  • DINE
  • james

    I bump the track and I agree that Brownz should avoid doing any form of vocals. Just stick to making beats.

  • Shake

    …yep. yep.

  • this beat is fuckin raw.
    Bank$ GOES IN on this song
    & yeah Browz killed it…not in a good way

  • Antone

    can we get a re-uuuuup, someone?

    please & thanks.

  • Big_E

    wtf Ron Browz has a label called Ether Boy? And a chain and a tattoo with it on it? i didnt think this dude could become a bigger clown in my eyes ha..

    and yea no link

  • Bigga

    This song goes hard, like forget Ron Browz if u jus look at the potential of how big this song can be in the club with a remix of niggas like Fab, Kiss, basically a whole bunch of NY niggaz this could be the beginning of a takeover for Banks cuz he already buzzin off of jus mixtapes so imagine if he got radio play

  • J Kelly

    i want this track

    “file not found”

    wherez the SHAREBEE link?


  • Jay

    J Kelly use the link in the comment up there^ Its better than the original.

  • bigl13

    people dont know there history. anyone hear of the Big Picture? anyone who produced for Big L has my full support. Sadly, its been 10 years since that and Ron never blew up so he has to use a auto tune. why? cause thats what society wants.

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    Banks ripped this one, very nice. Browz can be annoying, but he’s only in the background and a good pair of headphones/speakers will show you that – he doesn’t get to ruin the track for me, you barely hear him if you’re listening to Banks …