Fame – Stanky Rich

blame it on Meka April 10, 2009

It may sound wack off the title’s name, but it’s actually not. I know, right? Off his upcoming Horns or Halos mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Fame – Stanky Rich | Mediafire

  • dro1504

    eh turned off after the hook and a 5 sec listen of that flow. no good on this one. never heard of you new to the game, but ur stanky rich haha

  • collegedropout

    Dope song…
    I like it.
    I’m looking forward to the mixtape.

  • thatnew

    I’m feelin it just threw me off with the title but dude got flow…and shit he sounds like himself. Dope track keep it comin

  • fancy80

    I thimk the shit is fire , people always get caught up on comparisons of this and that rapper, that they think everyone should sound like that person. NOT..stop being cockriders and recongnize talent.

  • yo this shit is fire, sick is fuck. thatz my boy Fame. he’s the MC of the future.

    dj g kid uno ( that 1 in spanish). fuck w/ya boi

  • download that shit ya’ll

  • madison

    This is superfly. We need new talent like this. Dope production as well.

  • Johnson

    Da track is nice. Fame has mad flow. We want some mixtapes.

  • download that shit to your ipod

  • VoKaLz

    Yo… Fame has to be one of the most sicc lyricist I have encountered…
    Da trax is bangin..and I think the world ain’t ready…
    But they gon have to get ready!!

  • madrapper

    good track but anyone else seriously getting sick of all these dickheads who come around and start saying “so and so is the future! believe that!” why does every up and coming artist have to have yes/hype men surrounding them proclaiming them to be “the future!!” not every new upcoming mc is “the future” clowns….

  • download it to your itune yall

  • new shit yo, don’t hate, show n respect to a talent mc. you can stay here where you belong stuck in a box “madrapper”.

  • Sprite x Quest

    MMAAAaaaannn! this nigga is Official, I dont care what nobody think!

  • TO: The haters!
    How come a young man can’t do his thing without a lot of DISRESPECT from a madd reject. LEAVE HIM ALONE AND GET YOURS!!!

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