NR vs DJ DviousMindZ (Battle?)

So I'm sitting here on this Saturday afternoon; trading music with my man DJ Slimm. We've been playing beats left and right, just vibing out. A few DviousMindz tracks came on in the shuffle and that's when the idea hit us. A beat battle would be dope for 2dbz! Myself & Meka will decide on a sample and the two of them can flip it anyway they want. The winner can be decided by myself, Mek Dot and the dopeboyz/girlz out there. That's when NR stood up and said to make an announcement for him calling out DviousMindz. DMindz doesn't know about this post and I'm sure I'll get an email for the blind side attack (which I apologize for) but this is hip hop! I really think this could be a cool little series we run from now on as well. And don't think, because you haven't heard much from NR that he isn't nice. This will definitely be a good battle (if Dvious accepts). The pressure is on...

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  • cool...

  • HaTrik

    it would definitely be a dope series.

  • vamosarapiar

    haha ouch with the callout shake...hope it goes down

  • who run this

    thats a dope idea. I've been seeing a lot of cool competitions like this lately. Skyzoo has one to get on a bonus track for his debut album, young chris has one, some others i've seen. Competition is what hip hop needs. It's great for guys to get known, but I'm sure even big name producers would get down on something like this.

    If this works, you guys should have a competition for MC's to spit over the winning beat and do whatever they want with it

  • Why not make a beat competition for everyone?

    You provide the sample(s) and anyone can join and post their flip and then have a poll for everyone, or whoever you choose, to vote.

    Great way to get a lot of new users to your site (not like you need that tho) haha.

  • Relentless904

    who is NR?

  • That would be dope if this battle or future battle be open to other beat makers, Such as myself (shameless self-promotion)

  • who run this

    Dilla Donuts, probably because there would be thousands of entries since everyone and their grandmother makes beats these days. "It's easy BIG, all you need is a protools set"

  • Shake

    @dilla donuts
    because i dont wanna sit and listen to 98093875915 beats from different producers. id rather have it reduced to an easy amount where i can actually listen to each and get my vote on. more and more people can be involved down the road.

  • Kohm

    this is relevant to my interests

    off topic:
    my heart almost stopped for a sec,
    glanced at (2)dopeplyer banner at right
    and thought i saw Slug's name,
    but it was the beginning of Slum Village

    now i kinda wish rhymesayers did more mixtapes

  • I accept the battle...

  • THATguy

    in-site NR vs. DviousMindz public poll? You're not the only one with good taste in hip-hop shake. Give the voice to tha People brotha.

  • Shake


    yes... that is why i said the following...

    "The winner can be decided by myself, Mek Dot and the dopeboyz/girlz out there."

  • Lotlan

    This should definitely be dope.

  • Ill Battle DJ DviousMindZ? Please Set That Up.

  • Antone

    I think he's duckinnnnnnnn'...

    He's on twitter all day, but he can't jump to 2db? no shots (c) shake.

  • Not ducking, if you read my twits i already said i accepted. I also e-mailed shake telling him the same thing.

  • reality

    Shake your an idiot...Dvious sucks....who the fuk is Nr? +++battling..what for??
    Do your Job. Promote good music. Not ur intrnet friends...Producing is serious business and theres a lot of dope producers Really makin moves right now W/O the help of your bad taste and payola site...

  • Marlon

    Haha, this is the exact same shit i was recommending a few weeks back. Everyone was attackin, calling me a hater. Pfffft, whatever, I don't know who NR is, but he's gotta be better than dvious. Should be interesting.

  • NR

    fuck the haters.....Dvious lets get it, and do this shit for hiphop man

  • THATguy

    I can't seem to find anything by NR on the site...gotta admit tho that Beats I Would've Gave Blu tape was pretty decent Dvious. Looking forward to seeing what these dudes can throw at each other fsure.

  • if dviousmindz loses then does that mean we don't have to hear his wack beats everyweek anymore?

  • Shake

    "Shake your an idiot…Dvious sucks….who the fuk is Nr? +++battling..what for??
    Do your Job. Promote good music. Not ur intrnet friends…Producing is serious business and theres a lot of dope producers Really makin moves right now W/O the help of your bad taste and payola site…"

    sigh... there's so many "smh" moments in that random clusterfuck of idiotbox talk i don't know where to begin.... first of all, this isn't my "job" you dumbfuck. do you pay me to do this shit? nope. so check that off the list. is dviousmindz my internet friend? nope... mark that off. other producers making moves right now? sure... good for them. payola site? hard to be a payola site when we haven't made a fucking penny since the jump. now.... play in traffic.

  • opiate x

    ..its still on yeah?

  • I wanna join this!

    GL to both of the contenders though.

  • Shake

    ^^its going up today. next week(end) ill think if we can go more. and how ill get people to enter.

  • Ah cool.
    But yeah, this is a dope idea.
    I'd love to go up against dudes like Dvious, and NR (even though I haven't heard much of him).

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