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Bishop Lamont Still Aftermath? (Video)

blame it on Shake April 12, 2009


puna.nl caught up with Bishop Lamont in Rotterdam and asked him about the dropped from Aftermath rumor, that YN confirmed last week. Bishop stays denying it. So dopeboyz… do we have another Officer Ricky situation on our hands? Or is Bishop still reppin’ the A!?

  • Muzzie

    Either he hasn’t been told yet, or it’s just nasty rumours and they’re spreading a lot inside that fucked up industry.

    Just gotta wait and see.

  • Tommy

    I like how The Game’s song is booming halfway through the interview! nice.

  • justin…..

    it would be better for him to be off the label really. how long has he been there? how’s that debut coming along? exactly. Dre is an all-time great producer but he’s horrible had running a label. Rakim, Raekwon, Last Emperor, Stat Quo, Eve, RBX, etc., etc. and soon bishop Lamont all blackballed.

  • JLH

    Just look at the past of Aftermath artist who were there and got dropped. Add Bishop to the list if not now, then later. He gon eventually be another Aftermath victim

  • Demon

    Don’t forget Joell Ortiz. Dre should stick to producing because the only success he’s had as a label head is with Eminem and that began when? A decade ago?

  • dustbag85

    I talked to his manager and said rap radar is really close friends with vlad and they also keep trying to get a interview with dre and bishop, so they r just mad they won’t do it. that’s why they r making stuff up

  • Who cares

  • Dez

    I think Jimmy Iovine runs Aftermath, not Dre… at least thats what it seems like… I wish much Bishop much success wheteher he’s still with Aftermath or not, he’s put in alot of work and his music is dope.

  • Who cares Dez hes rick rossin it

  • james

    Dude seems pissed off but I hope he isn’t dropped cause if he is then he officially lost.

  • meh

    dude is gonna get dropped thats why he was real frustrated at the rumor because it was actually an accurate prediction plus lamont was talking crazy and told the world ortiz got dropped before anybody knew…so karma is appraoching…yaaaaaaaaow

  • daveg

    he’s not goin anywhere. Ortiz, Stat, and Obie decided to leave cause they knew the attention wasnt gonna be on them for the next couple of years. They had to go out and get that paper. Aftermath is doin big things this year.

  • I agree with ^^

  • AdubC

    I hope he got dropped so I can say ‘I TOLD YOU SO!’