The Game – Blood Respect Red Rockin’ (Bishop Lamont Diss) [Full]

blame it on Shake April 12, 2009

A snippet leaked a few days ago (entitled Blood Respect), and now X liberates the full version. Dissing in Auto-Tune is not the business. At all. Tons of shots.

DOWNLOAD: The Game – Red Rockin’ f. Germ Ghee [Full] Mediafire

  • yea i cant agree more. he was good wit these dis tracks what happened??

  • drew

    i cant take him seriously with the autotune. i heard him talkin shit and dissing or watever but whose gonna be scared of a dude that sounds like tpain while hes acting tough. im sure tpain can fight im just sayin. even though i respect the game, i dont see why he even bothered to make this. he needs to make records like he was making before the autotune craze. some rappers barely get away with using it but he doesnt imo.

  • WoW…

  • my name is the game. my favorite things are name dropping and being bi-polar. i enjoy pretending to be hard and getting faggy tattoos on my face. i used to be in love with dr dre but he stopped answering my calls. i now pretend ice cube was my biggest influence this whole time. my latest hobby is changing my vocal inflections so that i dont even sound like myself anymore. it’s not catching on is it? oh well.

    fuck bishop lamont. i mean its all love. i mean there is no beef. i mean fuck bishop lamont. i mean fuck me i want to kill myself some times.


    oh ps everything i ever say is a fucking lie or fake bullshit gangsta posturing. im retiring, jk jk LOL.

  • Tommy

    damn thats just being a hater^^

    but this song is extremely wack! hopefully he puts no auto-tune on his new CD…otherwise im downloading it instead of buying it.

  • JNZ

    Game should be concentrating on his own music at the moment not going at someone else. what hes been putting out lately is straight GARBAGE

  • E

    to JNZ….. so you believe his most recent album was garbage? wtf are you talking about… LAX was a dope album & Doctor’s Advocate was a classic.. those 2 albums in my opinion are better than anything bishop has put out

  • TheLastEmperor

    Imma get a lot of hate for this, but for some reason I think this shit is dope. Auto-tune has been overused ten fold but doesn’t sound too terrible on this one. It’s not like it’s always just been used for T-Pain and Kanye to sing about his momma

  • David Jefferis

    straight fuckery i would like to see how this beef would turn out but i dont want to see another shitty beef full of overused beats and crapy responses, like is it im possible to have a ether these days or a bridge is over or a take over …. even a source ….

  • quickV

    yea. Game never had good beef tracks……………. Half of you commenters are remedial. Hey jaydon, u a fan of that stanky legg song? I see u

  • TheRealGame

    this is the game….f**k y y’all haters BWS for life…I’m Blood Red like a used tampon…

  • Cr!tical

    Should just cross out the Bishop Lamont part & just put Lots-O-Disses



  • cameo

    Bishop would tear game apart lyrically anyhow….

  • wordsworthisthetruth

    Hey Shake, I just noticed that DJVlad’s website is linked on the sidebar under “The Family.” Why are you linking to that clown after you said that you thought he was a “fucking loser” in your Bishop Lamont post?

  • Shake

    ^^it was up since the beginning. forgot to take it down. ill do that now, thanks!

  • wootwoot

    you say how could someone be afraid of game with the auto-tune, well how could someone be afraid of game, or any other rapper, from a diss track, with or without auto-tune?

    And the dude sayin what game has put out lately is garbage, he’s put out some of his best songs to date since LAX, which was not a dope album, and DA sure as fuck wasn’t classic, that shit don’t even get play a few years later minus a couple tracks


    those 3 are dope than the majority of his last 2 albums. He’s actually spittin. His raps on his last 2 albums are mostly bullshit

  • daveg

    bishop is 1000 x better than the game. Game be name droppin, contradictions all the time. I mean c’mon. If bishop were to let loose on Game, everyone would know first hand that bishop is a lyrical beast. Get your shit straight people.

  • james

    Game groupies are the worst. They need of off themselves.

  • Starface

    Bishop a lyrical beast?


    I gotta say, Game isnt the best with lyrics but when it comes to beef shit, he goes all in. And he wants too, he will murder Bishop. This song isnt the real deal. HE USES THE FUCKING AUTOTUNE. Game is not serieus, yet…

  • This is whack… not sure when it became gangsta to diss other rappers while singing in Autotune. But hey.. if someone was gonna do it I guess a guy who used to have a butterfly on his face would be the guy.

  • aashot

    Ya’ll are fuckin trippin. This song is the shit. The beat is str8 fire. And Game rips this track with the auto-tune. This track is on fire.

    Bishop Lamont is a lyrical beast. No doubt that. I still think Game and Bishop Lamont are the best rappers from the Westcoast right now. Too bad, they beefin. They would of made a sick track together

  • aa

    Ya’ll are fuckin trippin. This track is str8 fire. Game rips this track and the beat is fuckin sick. Game is a lyrical monster.

    Bishop is lyrical. No denying that. Game and Bishop are the best rappers from the Westcoast rite now. Too bad they beefin

  • btw way i’m still a fan of game. everything i said was true tho tommy. quickV i don’t like stanky leg but that swag surfin is growing on me. game has some great beef tracks. this is not one of them. .

  • quickV

    It didn’t look like you were a fan. He flip flops like that on some things but many people do so its not a problem.
    Bottom line: this diss isn’t even a full Game song.
    I don’t like it that much, but to doubt his abilities is senseless.

  • yo E you must be high!
    Bishop Lamont – Friends > The Gayme’s entire catalogue
    What happened to the butterfly tatt you idiot? Couldnt take the hate ?

  • Lee 267

    i think this is quite good, if you all hatin on game then why the fuck you watchin this?? and how can you compare bishop to the game lol?? when was his last billboard number 90?

  • Dont hate tha playa hate tha game! (not big homey)

    Lee 267 is right… damn why all this hate, c’mon seriously u hate game don’t watch or u just bi-polar as you all say he is… he’s an artist if u don’t like him or bishop or any other rapper then go listen to some Celine Dion shit or some Whack Britney…

  • Tupac’s Disciple X

    The Game is one of the West’s Finest, Bishop apologized to The Game and The Game didn’t say shit. Bishop shouldn’t be dissing one of the modern day BEST West Coast Rappers. When I say modern I am not taking about all the old rappers but new ones, Bishop and The game need to work together and with Dre’s DETOX ,THE WEST COAST IS BACK