Chelsea Handler Nude for Allure

blame it on Shake April 13, 2009

I’ve stated my fascination with Chelsea’s hilarious antics on her show, Chelsea Lately. And as much as I’d like to post clips from all of her episodes, I’ve kept it to her hip hop related interviews. I have noticed though; a lot of dopeboyz saying the same thing… She could get it! Or something to that extent. The shot (after the jump) should def bring all the c-boys to the yard. Posing nude for Allure Magazine w/ Padma Lakshmi, Lynn Collins, Sharon Leal & Eliza Dushku. All of which I’ve included after the jump so quit reading my words…

Applaud khal for the find!

  • They ALL can get it!

  • CheezyDoDo

    umm no thank you

  • def nugget


    and get it again and again

    but chelsea aint that thin, thats some photo shoppin

  • Chelsea is definitely that thin- she’s not a tiny woman, but she’s still thin..
    And has some big boobs!
    I have no clue who two of those women are– Padma is a cook/chef, we have Faith from Buffy.. and those other two… no clue?

  • V.P.

    Where do I sign up?

  • Cam you put it on 45 so we could dance to it?

  • sharon && eliza all day everyday

  • Zmoney

    tha girl with the chains o gawd!!!!! luvley

  • damn. allure mag? werd?

  • j. lee

    wow, superb post right here

  • El B. Sure

    @ zmoney, yes she can! who is she anyway? and chelsea can fulfill all of my milf dreams even though she’s looking kinda milky in the picture.

  • chef

    padma is fucking gorgeous. i’d lick her scarm (scar arm.) she could be my top chef any day of the week.

    after reading that… i’m pretty creepy.

  • carolinabless

    Ahem….”is this thing on?”
    Chelsea Handler has been my guilty pleasure for more than a minute now. Not only could she “get it!” but STAY getting it (on a reg, ya dig?). She is super sexy in a way that I can’t fully explain…Very good job family!

    P.S. I would knock those other jawns over as well! EARLY!

  • Shake

    why does it have to be a guilty pleasure though?

  • carolinabless

    I guess because I couldn’t understand why she was doing it for me! She really isn’t my type…but after watching her show a just a couple of times, I feel in love with that broad! Very sexy and funny as a fuck!

  • carolinabless

    *pardon* FELL in love…

  • Yes, Chelsea (and everyone else pictured above) would get the bizness.

  • Yes, Chelsea (and everyone else pictured above) would get the bizness.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I definitely would bone Chelsea Handler’s old ass but this is definitely airbrushed by FARRRRRR!!

  • Jan

    Airbrush for sure, but I would still hit it. HIT IT DAMN HARD.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Oh and I love PADMA LAKSHMI on that cookin show!!! DAMN SHE FINE!! YUM!!!


    LMAO at everyone hating on April Rose but wanting to give it to Chelsea!


    LMAO at everyone hating on April Rose then saying they would give it to Chelsea!

  • kyo

    eliza is the one i want most out of those

  • Lynn Collins was in “The Dog Problem” with my other unknowing future mother to my shorties Sarah Shahi…and chelsae’s realness makes her attractive,and A woman who can handle a Drank is much appreciated.

  • Wonderin


  • Spooky

    Lynn Collins is really the shiiiiiit! Dude, I want that so baaad!
    Next Banner for 2dope should be having her on it!

  • Lazy Izzy

    They can all play Wii with my penis as a remote any day of the week.

  • quickV

    Chelsea is really photoshopped. Look how big her leg is compared to her stomach. She doesn’t look real.
    Padma is the hottest, and I think Eliza wasn’t photoshopped at all.
    ^^ Good call on Sarah Shahi too.

  • Smooth_Steve

    oh yea shes gonna get it. and whose gonna give it to her? you are! thats right my man. you are! ok. so a are you on myspace or a…?

    on a serious note, they ALL CAN GET IT QUICK!!!!

  • KSEE

    Chelsea is sexy and funny…she gets my vote!!!

  • ALLURE: What body parts are you most proud of?
    CH: “My boobs are good. They’re real and perky. Even if you can’t see them, the important thing is that I know about them, and the guys I’ve slept with know about them.”

    what god damn id suck the nupples of them titties!

  • Lito

    chelsea FTW!

  • AdanGenny

    can’t believe people don’t know about Sharon Leal…

    She’s been killing it since Boston Public and then she did a bit part in Dreamgirls…

    they all are doing it in these pics tho.

  • Antone

    I’m crazy about Padma. damn damn damn.

    All the chicks look good. But i’m mad that they kept a pic of Chelsea making that gremlin face.

  • sneakaholic

    some good photoshoppin… lol
    no ones skin that perfect.
    hella fine girl with the chains tho

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  • what up sucka

    These girls are obviously wearing something…you don’t even see the girl’s ass crack when she’s sitting down at the table. And you can see the zipper on the last girl sitting on the chair

  • Shake

    ^^you do realize that’s a tattoo and not a zipper right? right!?

  • lol

  • nastydaville

    first three can get it. that’s all.

  • Visionary

    i mean, I would smash, but it ain’t like they’re anything extraordinary. They all need like 500 mg of nasatal (for that No-Ass-At-All disease)