• Im Good

    Life in L.A. is dope!!

  • http://knewamsterdam.wordpress.com High My Name Is Sean

    is it because i'm in new york and afraid of gingers that i don't like this guy?


    I'm all for people taking the concept of hip hop in new directions, the lead singer just reminds me of the dude from Something Corperate.

  • SOC4L

    i hate seeing songs about an area with people NOt From that area on them! pharell and dupri dono how it is out here

  • sargeant slaughter

    for really tho......JD and pharrell dont know LA just cuz they hang with snoop LOLLLLLLLLL....gtfoh

  • http://www.myspace.com/1460LV DJZO

    Drop JD & Add Snoop or Dre...Other than that this shit goes hard. I love the hook.
    Open your ears haters!

  • stayfrsh2death

    This shit is dope I agree with djzo, Mini-me aka JD needs to get cut off. The nigga on the bonus version is dope though. "The city of lost angels, cause daddy's lil angel is goin in 4 more than faciaaaaaaaals" LMFAO

  • bdub

    beat is dope.
    good shit

  • http://twitter.com/trennyrenny trenny

    It wasn't typical JD, I was surprised..He kinda did his thing.

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  • Mr. Yeah

    dayumm, this is like epic karazy evil insane!!! i f'kn luv this ish! im so in luv rite now!