• Nick

    great interview

  • Yo

    That was a good read. Really enjoyed that.

  • Tommy

    I like his thinking...but his music is just too far out there for my taste.

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  • http://www.ashopcalledwood.com/ Ozzie O

    Time well spent, I can't wait for his projects to drop.

  • http://www.elcortezcasino.net ElCortezCasino

    hahaha the title reminds me a game...

  • Shake

    ^^i think it should remind everyone of brother ali... but that's just me.

  • El B. Sure

    nice read. i can't agree with him on hiring rappers to be the "character" but i kind of understand where he's coming from. can't wait for that ghost and doom though.

  • Timbo

    I like Doom but that corny ass excuse for the impostor is just that, a corny excuse. He know's good and damn well that if he was going to see someone he enjoys perform their shit and they didn't show up and instead sent an impostor he would be angry. He got lazy and thought he could fuck over the fans and still make a few dollars and instead he got caught and called on his bullshit. If he felt this way why didn't he make his feelings known prior to being called out on it. If I go to a show it's to see the artist present their music to me in the purest form. I want to hear their emotion and connection to the music, otherwise I might as well go do karaoke. Get out of here with that bullshit and own up to a dickhead stunt you attempted to pull. Character or not, that doesn't excuse you from respecting the people that allow you to do this for a living.

  • http://www.thisizsin.com Starks

    DOOM's on some other shit ahaha... That's dope he said the album with Ghost, Madvillian and that other one will all be done by the end of the year hope they all get released shortly after too... Whatever happened with that DOOMposter album or was that just a rumor/excuse?

  • Yo

    From reading his myspace, it seems " born like this" is out now....? How do these albums im looking forward to keep slipping by me?