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U-N-I – Reach For The Sky f. Tabi Bonney & Haziq Ali (prod. Beatnick & K-Salaam)

blame it on Meka April 13, 2009

The homie Hallway just sent this track off the upcoming illRoots/imeem/K-Salaam & Beatnick album of this dope collabo featuring a few heads you might know. Click the image to stream, download coming soon.

  • dro1504

    good song, nice lyrics, solid beat.another good post 2db. little upset gotta wait for the d/l. my ipod will be waiting.

  • Kal

    Any new U-N-I is great news especially since their ASL was fiire!!!
    Plus add on Tabi Bonney who is pretty nice = dopeness.
    Good Look Meka.

  • RC

    the goapale line was ill….UNI bared up…..ill

  • urbansocialight

    I’m in love! It’s so dope to have my favs on the same track! I love Haziq and Tabi’s call & response. I love the hook. U-N-I is like my fav duo right now, with my hometown favs Tabi & Ziq. I’m dying for the download!

  • Sb 562

    one listen and im feeling it thats how u know a song is real when u only gotta listen to it once and u feeling it

  • dope!… still waiting on that oldie mixtape

  • i already know son

    I’m feeling this a lot. And I’m glad that Tabi Bonney doesn’t have to rap a whole verse by himself.

  • thatduude

    chorus is wack. this aint no after-school special!

  • jizzleman

    the beat is sick….the hook is great…haziq and tabi killed this joint…this is what we need “good music”

  • hoodrich

    Hot! Lovin this record…..beat is fire! and everybody went in lyrically….Really lovin this track

  • truthlives

    U-N-I! Best shit outta LA!