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Crooked I Takes Aim At West Coast Icons (Video)

blame it on Shake April 14, 2009

Unreleased footage of Crook’s sit down with Sway for MTV; in which the West Coast emcee speaks on the (now faulted) No Country for Old Men(tality) project with Bishop Lamont & Glasses Malone; and how the West Coast veterans (Dre, Cube, Snoop, etc) never reach down and help the West reunite the way it should.

I don’t need nobody to help me get to the girl. Just don’t cock block me. Just don’t block me from the girl. And there was a lot of blocking that was going on. And the New West movement was fed up with it.

And incase you missed my news piece at the plantation; Crooked I is dropping a project completely produced by King Tech, called Group Therapy. And if If You Ever Hear Me is any clue on what to expect, we’re in for some really dope music. Speaking of… the rock remix will be dropping April 21st.

  • b0ris

    I recently got into Crooked I. After hearing a few songs i started getting every single rap he’s ever had. I got all the hip hop weekly’s which r just WOW and his albums. His lyrics are phenomenal and i hope they never get worse.

  • Steve-O

    Dude is never going to have a album out….damn busted ass nigger

  • Batman

    very dope interview!

  • wamp

    Crooked, Bishop, G Malone, Game, & Nipsey need to bring back the west coast together.
    UNI, Pac Div, and Blu got that Cali underground on lock, and Murs bridges the gap. If these dudes work together, the West could make a real comeback, but we know Game and Bishop aren’t making peace.

  • Boog

    ^^^^^^ 2nd that

  • SHOWMAN3000

    It’s funny I saw this earlier today and it’s posted as “taking shots” wow!

    This is something we all know he said about the old schoolers so it’s not a diss. He didn’t say like them niggas wak etc.

    He just had an interview around that time when asked if he wrote for Detox and he mentioned that he was there for like 3 sessions but can’t afford to hang around for 3 months at a time to wait till the album drop to see if his credits make the album to get paid.
    It’s an informative interview but not shots because “No Country for Oldmen” was announced months and months and months ago.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I’m not from the west I’m a 10000% eastcoast nigga (music & lifestyle) but I fucks with a lot of westcoast music, eastcoast, midwest and a few south.

    I always said that I think the westcoast has the most talented artist but there is an obvious gap between the older heads helping out the new cats. Because it’s obvious they can’t kick the door open on their own the way the south is reigning on the game now.

    I mean people like Crooked I, Ya Boy, Glasses Malone, Nipsey Hussle, Bishop Lamont, Willy Northpole, Dubb aka Mr. White, Roscoe Umali even Yulmouth could get in there, Murs, Pac Div and Jay Rock. I’m sure I’m missing some but something needs to happen cause mainly song-wise the westcoast got heat. The eastcoast got crazy talent but no potent songs. The westcoast artist got songs right now at this stage in the game. Real talk.

  • i agree with crooked..im from the bay area and its the same out here with the og’s..but with all this new talent.people like blu,pac div,uni..you have ya boy,bishop,glasses,jay rock, murs,mistah fab..game holding the crown..you got underground coming up..fashawn doing his thang,terrace martin and exile and other dope producers.the west is on its way to the top again

  • sargeant slaughter

    f’ the haters…..crook do your thang…..snoop is wack anyways..

  • james

    I hope his desire to leave a collection of music as potent and powerful as Biggie or Pac comes true. I’m ready.

  • L1A

    @ Steve-O
    What would change if he had retail album? Nothing. He has music coming out is all that matters, unlike you.

  • Musikfiend

    Crroked is a beast!!


    C.O.B 4life Crooked is the Best MC in the WEST maybe All Coast. Wordplay, CRAZY. Style’s, MANY. Punchlines, Over U Young Boi’s Heads. And I’m in the Boogie Down. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!