Tahiry’s KING Magazine Spread

blame it on Shake April 14, 2009

Oh boy… it’s here. Tahiry’s highly anticipated spread in the last issue of KING Magazine. Not much to say here. Hit the jump for the shots (including the money shot many a dopeboy has been waiting for). Thanks Joey…

Shouts to RR on the scans. I’ll post some higher quality ones when they get here.


    so she has a big ass, still average

  • kaohtix

    look at that ass in the first pic

  • mC


  • untruthfully_BLACK

    dear lord joe budden won

  • Tommy

    yeah, she has so much ass in the first pic. its like overlapping her back hahaha. nice.

  • Pancakes!

    MY GODDDD!!!!!! I’m definatly coppin a issue if it’s not sold out!
    *Now let’s all go slap our gurls and ask them why they can’t be like that! LOL!
    **LOL @ SMH at all the haters…….

  • Wonderin

    It’s a good day…

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  • Nick


  • Budden wins.

  • Yup. Budden Wins.

  • arke

    She has more ass than a sexually active donkey.

  • GotDAMN

  • Tahiry > Cherokee D Ass Yeah I said It and Yes I Meant It. She has a step to walk up now: Tahiry and Joe sex tape

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Tell me she doesn’t look like JUDY REYES from the show “SCRUBS”:

    She is average and a bit overrated to be honest. Even I admittedly overrated her but her ASS is fucking huge.

    She looks older to be honest like late 30’s.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Damn she got a fatty!

  • never mind that this bitch is pushing 40…

    and with your wrinkled pussy, I can’t be your loverrrrrrrrrrrr

  • TheMainEvent

    My Jebus, her ass is ginormous.

  • her ass really defines her

  • eigoobcm

    im sorry, call me whitie, but her ass is too big. look at the fist pic, you could put it between her ass and her back if you wanted, which i do not.

  • Josey Wales

    KING might sell so many issues they might rethink about bitin’ the dust

  • SHOWMAN3000


    Now that I want to see not this broad! The fatty is cool and all that but I don’t really care for lookin at shawty to be real.

    Keisha Cole look at her in this cover pimp!
    HERE’S THE COVER: http://www.therundown.tv/wp-content/gallery/misc-images/king-k.jpg

  • KSEE

    Tahiry>>> Keisha cole

  • SHOWMAN3000
  • SHOWMAN3000

    Are u serious or joking? I’m shocked!

  • Tahiri does look way better than Keisha Cole. It’s about preference though. I am a breast man, so I would scoop Keisha based off of the ta ta’s. Tahiri got one of them donkey’s that’ll throw you out of the pussy when it bounces back. lol

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I agree I’m like a broad with ass 1st tits 2nd but face b4 all and Keisha Coles knocks Tahiri’s face out the ball park to me.

    As far as her looks I think this chick Tahiri doesn’t looka s good and is older looking (not that age matters my girl is like 6yrs older than me lol) compared to Keisha Coles.

  • dannii

    pause…budden won…keisha face is no that good unless u dig the hood look..and that ass is dumb

  • Pssssst

    face is blah, tits are meh & ass is like whoa! she looks like generic pussy that be on the block. whats with the rap radar all over? is that a new site? am i suppose to go to this site? i swear that shit makes me not care

  • The other Rick, NOT the officer!!

    Ok, I understand that Joe and Tahiry are trying to capitalize off their fame but this is to much. I feel that Joe is whoring out his girlfriend. What type of man let’s this happen? And NO, this is not about being insecure, this is about having respect for the relationship. It’s already bad enough that the world knows that FAB use to bust on her face, now Joe has every other dude busting on her thru KING magazine. I guess Saigon, Ransom and Prodigy were right, Joe is a faggot ass nigga.

  • It’s been said, but official – Budden won. With that said, all y’all that even think Tahiry > Keyshia Cole, go get your eyes and head checked. It ain’t even a contest.

  • StReTcH!

    gotttttttt damn!

  • I like keyshias titties and tahirys ass.

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  • Oh boy!!, I feel like I just my first pair of J’s or something lol…Like I just cant look at anything else

  • L0$

    damn joey

  • kiLLA


  • hiphop4life

    unbelievable!! gosh damn, she got sooooomuch back

  • OH Ye

    2ND ahPic. Retarded

  • She got a mean do-do maker.

  • GreyOfAA

    Well Goooddamn.

  • damn.. joe budden wins

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  • wedemhornets

    lacey duvalle is the hotest

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  • Roc

    tell my nigga FAb smashing dat lol

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