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Kanye West & G.O.O.D. Music’s SXSW Cypher (Video)

blame it on Shake April 15, 2009


Kanye, Big Sean & Really Doe kicking lines on the tour bus during SXSW. A new Kanye freestyle!? Nope… Maybach Music dos. Spotted at NR.

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  • derrik

    Shit is good, like Big Sean the most. funny shit all together.

  • Yuppp

    Yea I like Big Sean best, but he sounds like Kanye junior lol

  • i’m not even going to say who murdered this.. because yall already know. its hard when you got flow in todays world. people aint so much listening for that. they listening to singing and shit. so you gotta learn to mix everybody ish. there might be a reason sean sound like ye…..Ye dope, but its obvious he don’t flow like that…or we wouldnt hear so many recycled verses from him. draw your own conclusions for what i’m saying

  • Pelly

    Truth makes a hell of a point.

  • drake wanna be gotta go bro lol

  • Sean killed it.

  • technically drake’s a big sean wanna be…

  • jb_09

    thats kanyes maybach music verse!!

  • yall hatin on Ye he’s nice watchu mean he can’t flow lol Big Sean do sound like Ye but don’t rhyme as much he’s juts maaaad clever and he said it already Ye signed him bkus if his swag (plus the fact he is exactly like a Ye junior lol) and he is NOTHING like Drake and vice versa do ya research b4 u compare pls

  • desertswordz

    truth you make a point, but how you know those aren’t any recycled verses off some unreleased shit from doe or sean??

  • we’ll know this weekend if those are some recycled verses from sean when uknowbigsean drops…i wouldnt be surprised if they were. he said some good shit in that verse….but i also wouldnt be surprised if some of it really was freestyle, and that was his frist time sayin it. [the flow changes a couple of times, to make me believe it is more freestyle in it than written]

    where with Ye, this is the 3rd time we’ve heard that verse (which is very dope!). but not only this verse, his first mixtape is full of verses that went on to be used on college drop out and late registration. he put out some misc freestyles that inbetween that came went on to graduation. then out of no where he starts dropping really hot punchlines on every track, not only that but his boys are finishing the verse for him in this video???/

    and there is no way i’m hating on Ye, everybody know i’m a Ye fan, check my pod. my concert ticket collection. my comment record on this site, i just like being real and trying to use logic

  • Q

    i was waiting for common to spit lines. :(