A (2)Dope Battle: DviousMindZ vs NR (Submissions)

blame it on Shake April 17, 2009

What up ya’ll. At the beginning of the week I proposed a (beat) battle between DviousMindZ & NR. Giving them about 4 solid days to take Radiohead’s Karma Police and do what they do! Both DviousMindZ and NR submitted their beats yesterday but I decided to keep it on schedule and make the post today. For judges, we’ve got myself, Meka (counting as seperate votes), the dopeboyz/girlz (use the poll after the jump) and a special vote from the rest of the NMC. I kept the names off each beat so folks won’t vote based of fanboy’ism but rather judge on the actual production. In the event of a tie… fuck it, we’ll go another round. Why not? UPDATE: Fixed the poll and file tags haha. Smh @ that fail. Get to voting!!

DOWNLOAD: DviousMindz vs NR
ZSHARE: Beat1 | Beat2

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  • yo

    Enjoyed Beat 2 a whole lot more. has a very nice dark feel to it. Plus I’m always up for some nicely placed strings.

  • Shake

    hahaha OH MAN. let me fix that.

  • Z

    oh yea, thought both beats were very boring and uninspired

    and please don’t call it hate, it’s jus my honest point view

  • JTN15

    good look on the fix

  • CAlHipHopHead

    2 sick ass beats. I like #1 better simply because it is not as monotonous

  • ae

    Dvious killed it..

  • madrapper

    beat 1 is dope as fuck…beat 2 is not even worth a 2nd listen imo

  • Steve-O

    DviousMindZ slaughtered NR

  • bigdog

    both were just aigh, i had higher expecations from these two

  • Lado

    i honestly didnt like either..dey were both boring and ehhhh..but if i HAD to choose ill choose Beat 1 cuz i can tolerate it more..

    …dont take it as hate..its jus a honest opinion

  • i voted 4 beat 2, but they were both very uninspired and boring, its like chosing which ugly broad u wanna fuck…either way u lose… :-/

  • Fucking dope sample usage NR. THat shit was crazy! I honestly had a lot of fun working on this sample battle. Thanks for calling me out homie, we gotta do this again one day.

  • demise

    beat 2. wasn’t really feeling either too much though

  • Beat 2 is way iller, the first one is too charles hamiltonish, but they both good.. beat 2 is just more my style

  • RAE

    liked beat two better. more progression. either way, i like this idea, keep it goin shake!!!

  • uhh


  • Was feelin Beat 1 a little more…….both were impressive 4 the time span given….Good shit…..Let’s push each other 2 make better music….One…

  • scoggs

    its not working for me

  • Lil_Blank

    okay, 1st of all props to Shake & the DJ’s for the battle, 2 dope of an idea for just ‘anyone’ to think of.
    heard both beats and i have pros and cons followed by the one i think was “flipped” better.

    Beat 1- felt it was the one out of the 2 that was remixed better, definitely had more detail in my opinion and more thought put into it, although it was somewhat monotonous (although giving the remix a whole new mood), but i personally can’t vibe to it for a long time. if other parts of karma police were sampled that had better melodies it i think it would have come out nicer, but overall the beat was pretty str8.

    Beat 2- like the melody and mood better of this one, don’t feel it was as detailed as the 1st one but I can tolerate it better. not as many distinctive instruments and samples were added to this like the ones that made Beat 1 good. I thought this one was JUST str8, nothing really special about it.

    both beats i feel were mad repetitive & could have been way better especially since this was a battle, y’all should have treated this like your lives depended on it lol. great concept but both beats were a bit boring, a little disappointing.
    would i hop on any of these beats? probably not, but when it comes down to it, i have to give it up to Beat 1 as it was “flipped” better, the whole concept of the battle. Also gave karma police new life as a beat, even though it was a pretty depressing life. Beat 2 was just remade it as a hip-hop version basically. Peace!

  • Timbo

    I’m rolling with beat #2.

  • Timbo

    Also most beats are monotonous if they’re made to be rhymed over. These beats sound like loops that are intended for an emcee as opposed to stand alone instrumentals which normally have more change ups and intricacies within them.

  • G-420

    A yo check this video out
    iss hella funny


  • Josey Wales

    ^^^Thank You,and btw,I liked beat 1 better

  • G-420

    ah wtf…
    i can’t post vids can i?

  • chef

    beat 2 was great. beat 1 wasnt up to par with 2.

  • can i get a zshare? mediafire is fucking up.

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  • Jason

    Didn’t really like either.
    but beat 2 was better.
    On Beat 1 It felt like i was waiting for something better to come up. Then It ended.

    You should do this but for raps instead.

  • Money

    beat 2 for me

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  • jamo

    beat 2 is a little better imo

    i really like this segment and think you guys should try to make it a weekly thing if possible

  • naigel

    beat 2 was dope.

  • esskaywhyzee o o

    beat 2 is definitely better
    Neither anything special though

  • TEE.JAY.

    the first one reminded me of Wu-Tang mixed with Dr.Dre or somethin,
    i had to vote for it
    the second one was proper too tho….
    it was liek Asher Roth mixed with Kanye West
    in the end i gotta say the first beat though

  • Dave Dee

    Beat 2 was more my flavor…

  • Dj Ill One

    I voted for beat 2,but they could have flipped it much better for both. There is alot of elements you could play with in that song. I would just say utilize more elements within that piece.

  • lethal

    beat 1 is ill.. beat 2 is to choppy for my liking… sounds like other producers but beat 1 was more clean and thought out..

  • Oohla Vegas

    beat 2 was more enjoyable, beat one was better flipped, i couldn’t really pick all said tho i voted both

    also u should make it one vote and you cant vote anymore… right now its on American Idol status with as many votes per person as possible

  • TP

    both were unremarkable.

  • I gave it to beat 2… I just like the flip of beat 2 more.

  • Wasn’t feelin either beat at all, but if I had to choose it would be Beat #2.

    Like I said before tho, you guys should make a site-wide competition with a certain number of entries allowed so you don’t get overwhelmed with e-mails.

  • Isaiah Thomas

    my vote made a difference I see…

  • Carlito

    both of those beats were straight. but i gotta go with #2. it seemed like the 1st beat couldve flipped the sample a little more.

    I took my own shot at flipping the sample. here’s the link:

  • quantum

    dvious, hands down.

  • arke

    lmfao beat 3 :O

    beat 3 > beat 1 > beat 2

    shame. lol

    nice work carlito !!

  • Cesc

    Beat 1 was dope.

  • Real Spit

    I picked 2..but Carlitos shit was better than both of their beats

  • beat 1 was dope. like all the extra strings played on top. The chops in the 2nd beat were dope, but thought the first beat had more flow and smoothness to it.

  • scoobysnax

    I definitely have to give it to beat 1. I can see myself flowing over this one.

  • sxcass

    i voted for beat 1, but carlitos shit wouldve taken the cake

  • Lil_Blank

    wow, i voted beat 1 but carlito’s was mad nice.. like his better because sampled a better part and chopped it nice. and beat 2 made a comeback all of a sudden? it’s a friggin’ tie now? guess every vote does count lol

  • enrico

    50/50 lol wow

  • Dj Ill One

    Carlito just blew them both out the water.

  • EnterTheNose

    beat 1

  • Ceran Wrapper

    I like both of the tracks. I gave this remix a shot too. Let me know how you feel about it.

  • cya

    Both were pretty uninspiring, gun to my head I guess I’ll take number 1, although number 2 might be easier to rap over. I dunno, I love Radiohead and really love Karma Police, so I was expecting something epic; perhaps DJ Shadow can magically appear and do his thing over this.

  • AlmightyKD

    Both are kinda boring but 2 is better sequenced.

  • wow…beat 3 hands down.

  • yup

    carlito ftw

  • Beat 2

  • thanx for the feedback.

    if y’all wanna check out more beats hit me up @ myspace.com/soulhustlemusic

  • seen

    Great job by both. How did you guys make these? Program wise?

  • Kohm

    next battle
    carlito vs ceran

    my lack of 98 pennies

  • Steve_O

    Beat 1 without question.

    Carlito’s shit was very dope but it didn’t sound like a full production. I could hear that as the beat break for a chorus maybe but for a full song I couldn’t get with it.

  • i liked beat 1.. i flipped it just to do it anyway

  • naigel

    carlito def. killed that shit. but out of the main 2 i gotta go with beat 2.

  • just to let everyone know.. my was just a snippet too.. not even close to complete..haha

  • hatrik

    voted for #2 but Carlito easily takes it.

  • oh yeah… for yall that don’t know… carlito made that beat today. Didn’t even tell him about the competition until about 5 pm. But as far as the main vote, beat 2 for me. I found it more tolerable than beat 1. Still… my boy carlito? yeesh. game over.

  • Rev

    I’ma go with beat 2. I liked the switch up on the chorus part more and just the double ups on drums and strings. It was more interesting sonically but the other beat was dope, just for me as an emcee I liked beat 2 a little bit more but it was close cause both were creative.

  • yo dj jdub i mess with your version. sounds dope.

  • thanks bro.. im 16 btw too

  • Ceran Wrapper

    I made my beat in 30 mins. I’m not sure why time is such an important factor. I have already made another Radiohead remix since the first one I posted. I think I will post that later tonight or tomorrow.

  • word. im 17. so i guess we all young,up-and-coming beatmakers.

  • Kohm

    *kills self for being older and wacker than those two*

  • carlito beat was better than both of them. he did his thing
    Ceran Wrapper was the second best of the 5 on here so far

  • Ceran Wrapper

    I guess that’s why they call it a dream right? haha

  • wwm

    carlito murdered both of the main two.

    i voted for beat 1 out of the main two. just felt the chilled out vibe more.

  • STR

    yo ceran wrapper u mind if i do a free to your flip, i’m mad feelin it if you wanna check out my stuff: myspace.com/sandmantherider

  • Ceran Wrapper killed that shit!

  • DJ Dub…ain’t nothing like an mp3.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • THATguy

    I like how everyone got involved in this…it became something very nice. I liked beat 1..beat 2 was ill, but wasn’t as developed as 1. Good job all around tho.

  • ivemar

    Beat 2 without a doubt.

  • j

    Beat 2 i like how he used the sample, played with it alot better than beat 1 hey 2dopeboyz you guys should have a contest for everybody else give the world a song to sample and let them turn in their own version perhaps you will have better beats and more stiff competition

  • BeatMonarchs

    beat 1 was way better
    beat 2 was weak imo

    beat 1 had lots of potential if something major would of happened in the chorus it would have been way betttter tho

  • Yea if you wanna freestyle over it go for it. Just give me credit where credit is due. I’m working on my myspace music page now.


    I will have 4 ridiculous tracks that I wrote, recorded and produced coming this Monday. I do everything solo. I hope everyone enjoys my work and thanks to everyone for the love. If you like Eminem and Asher Roth you will love me. ha

  • beat society 2dp edition!

  • vishal

    beat one sounds more polished.

  • opiate x

    beat 1,because it reminds me of sitting alone in a room waiting for a visitor…while 2 reminded me of nothing in particular (or too much all at once).

  • tux

    both beats are decent.

    i like first beat rather than the second. too much choping, no melodicity at the second.

  • Lotlan

    tough as hell to call but im leaning more toward the beat 1.
    it’s like tux said, there’s too much chopping for me in the second one, so many people do that on the regular that it gets repetitive to me.
    at the end of the day, both beats are dope as hell though so props to both.

  • mee

    I agree with the comments about chopping and the 1st sounding more melodic so the 1st 1 got my vote

  • TrueScience

    tight battle…beat 1 got my vote for that west coast flavor i was feelin and the depth, 2nd best is cool just didnt have that same depth for me.

  • Oh!

    close. beat one sounds like he knows what hes doing. beat 2 had good ideas jus poorly executed. i gotta hear the original sample tho

  • MDP

    I mess with Radiohead, first of all. Glad to see such a flip on this joint, both enhanced the quality and value of the song to me. OK Computer ftw. :)

    #1: had a nice, dark flip to it. had Dre-esque qualities with the bassline and nice little effects, but was kinda anticlimactic b/c it seemed like it wasn’t really building up to much. felt like a real “flip”.

    #2: great chops, light version of #1, had a little more complexity to it with the breaks, but didn’t really seem like a great execution of the sample with the flow all together, meaning it got a little repetitious after a while.

    Ultra-close, but I voted for Beat #1.

    At this point, the results showed that voting was almost dead even. I would rap to both, though.

    P.S. Should’ve added Carlito to the mix, would’ve made an even TOUGHER decision…

  • yo

    Man I dont know what you guys are talking about. beat one for me is almost unlistenable. beat one is all flash and very little substance. Beat two sounds like it took alot of time and thought. beat one just seems so thrown together. and chours is so sloppy. Beat 2 sounds like it could be an actual song. One is just a childs play version. The level of taste in the c-section needs an overhaul.

  • carlito murdered the both of em wit his flip.

    but out of the 2 i guess i gotta go with #1. even though they were both pretty whack…

  • quickV


    that was really nice.

    for some reason i didn’t like either beat, so i’m not gonna vote


    Ceran wrapper handled that sample. I liked that pattern from Juicy/ that you added near the end, didn’t expect it, FIRE!

  • chubbrock

    i think carlito & ceran freaked the sample crazy and the other two beats sound rushed and uninspired carlito & ceran’s versions sound like they made it for someone to rap to and had influence in a quality

  • muzik

    By the results, this is definitely a battle!!!! Beat 2 was the winner to me.

  • Got to give it to beat 1. Beat 2 seemed too simple? Drums were decent but it just wasnt interesting imo. Beat 1 was different(in a good way) and I could see myself dropping a verse over it quicker than I would on beat 2. Decent battle. Lets get a Carlito vs. Ceran battle goin!

  • Hey Everyone, I’m not sure if anyone cares but I said I would post my Radiohead Street Spirit (Fade out) Remix. I made this for people to rap on or freestyle on. THIS IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RADIOHEAD SONG AND SAMPLE. Let me know what you guys think. I got inspired after the Karma Police remix.


  • Beat 2 had too much for me. I mean, it’s a good beat. But, to me it’s not an instrumental, you feel me?

    As a rapper, I had to go with Beat 1. Maybe I’m looking at in wrong. But, I already made my choice.

    So, fuck what a nigga think bout my decision.

    Good job to both of ya’ll. I want a tie. I wanna hear more.

  • Shake

    wow. this has a crazy turn out maybe this can be a bi-monthly thing. give it a week to breathe in between and i can announce winners, decide on the next challenger, etc. very dope to see the battle as close as it is.

    sidebar: my vote has been made, mekas said his piece, and the NMC have spoke. ill announce the winner on monday. give the dopeboyz another day at voting.

  • The Graduate

    First was alright, like it was one loop. The Second one sucked, Simply trying to chop up a rock song like you would a soul sample doesn’t cut it.

    Number 1 hands down.

  • AK
  • gill

    damn the voting poll is close

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  • dope battle. i want in on one of these.

  • Parodi

    Beat 1. FOR SURE.

  • Cr!tical

    2 for me.

  • fckursupport

    I like both….1 just sounds superior…big shout to both producers…hip hop is a beautiful thing…

  • I’m tryna get in on one of these too…

  • i like 2 more then 1. 1 is good, but I just think 2 was better.
    Overall, keep the beat battling going. its cool shit.

    shouts to dviouz and nr, both did their thing.

    hip hop IS a beautiful thing

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  • the chop on beat # 2 in the middle is crazy!
    this is a fucking sick concept 2dope, i hope you can get some other good up and comers to throw down.. i’m in!

  • prodigy513

    are yall serious? the first beat shits ALL OVER the second one. maybe its cause some of you dont know the intricacies of production. but beat 1 sounded kinda simple but it was so polished. the hihat pattern was perfect for this, the velocity on the double kick was gave it a nice touch. i loved the mood of the beat, i could some Eminem 3 AM type shit over it.

    Beat 2 sounded like dude just took one chop and played it over the kick pattern. nothing close to impressive or even decent to say the least.

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