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Welcome to Slaughterhouse (Video)

blame it on Shake April 17, 2009


A few weeks ago at Paid Dues, HipHopOfficial caught up with Slaughterhouse for a two part interview. Crook, Joe, Joell & Royce talk about how the machine formed, their roles within and when they plan to drop new material. Part 2 after the jump.


This reminds me… I still need to upload my Atmos footage! Fuck.

  • I’ve definitely been converted into a Slaughterhouse fan over the past few months. These dudes really do the damn thing, and I respect Joe for saying he’s trying to enjoy the moment. Sometimes less is more now… and I know the words to all the joints they put out with the exception of the Corte joint. But yea, def looking out for they album. By the time we get it, we’ll appreciate it alot more. No doubt…

  • james

    I hope they come correct with an album. Get some dirty, grimey beats that make you say “oh shit!”. I already know they’ll bring it lyrically. But, hopefully, they’ll get some proper production as well that’ll enhance, bring focus on the lyrics.

    I’m hungry for this real dirty shit.

  • NorthWestDJD

    What did Nino Bless do to them that he didn’t even get a mention

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  • Lt

    i love slaughterhouseeeeeeeee


    we need a slaughterhouse reality tv show haha fuck the tv everything is boring

  • (Nino)… the guy thats not in the group… lol. ouch tho

  • these guys are dope!! check the site for a mixtape

  • Dfrye


    Joe said in another interview that they all had to come up on their own, and that Nino is still relatively new compared to them so they aren’t going to bring him up by association. Something along those lines.

  • yeah slaughterhouse is dope! Joell spits.

  • Slurpie


  • mrk

    buddens always sounds so whiny.

  • FredRico

    Yeah, I always wondered why Nino wasn’t in the group, but that’s a pretty good reason, thanx for sharing Dfrye. (And I hope it’s nothing else that would start nonsense beef, cuz I like Nino!)
    I’m also worried only about the beats!!! I completely trust these guys, but the beats.. oh Lord, please make it happen.
    (Inkredibles, Justice League, Cool&Dre, Runners, Statik Selektah, Salaam Remi, DJ Toomp, Polow da Don quality… it doesn’t have to be those exact producers, just the standard quality!)
    It’s good to see the chemistry between them beyond rapping, we need more of this in Hip Hop… I mean, are there any real groups out there (please, don’t say G-Unit! -.-‘)?
    CRS may never record an album…

  • Lotlan

    cosign with Northwest

    I always feel like there’s a shot being thrown at Nino every time Joe talks about the making of the slaughterhouse record and doesn’t give hardly any credit to dude for a dope verse.

  • Lotlan

    @ FredRico

    yes they HAVE to get a Salaam Remi & Statik Selektah beat

  • dcruz.88

    WILL be waiting for the album to drop. Better get Primo on some joints though.

  • dcruz.88

    WILL be waiting for the album. Better get Primo on some joints though.

  • dcruz.88

    Haha my bad, post two times…

  • Haha YAAAOOOWAAA Joell had me crackin up.

    Budden sounds indeed whiny…i hate that…Joell is whiny too…but buddens whiny sounds hurts my ears you know?

  • quickV

    in a

    some of
    the best mc’s
    you can find.


  • Damn this was a good idea to put them together, I like it they all hot with the lyrics. Joey need help picking beats tho, he likes to remake alot of rock songs, Its good sometimes but not all the time.

    I would REALLY like to hear them featuring Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, and maybe Ludacris. Shit would be best song ever made.

  • kamus

    What did Nino Bless do to them that he didn’t even get a mention

    ————————————–listen to “straight slaughter” by nino bless and you mite find ur answer.

  • fred rek

    nino KILLED straight slaughter whats wrong with that?