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Will Roush Calls Biggie For Help (Video) x Take It Back Freestyle

blame it on Shake April 17, 2009


Episode 2 of Will Roush’s animated series. Serving as promotion for his upcoming mixtape, Know My Name v.1, which is getting a cosign from DJ Skee & Whoo Kid. This post also brings a new freestyle from Will.

We pick up in middle of the mixtape, where Will’s already time-traveled to Compton to check Game, and Atlanta to hang with Outkast. He’s overwhelmed by all the hip-hop history he’s experiencing and he’s calling Biggie for help. Biggie sends Will to see his man Jay-Z in Marcy Projects. Again, the illustrations are by an amazing artist out of Texas named Profesone , and directed by legendary hip-hop visual artist Skam 2, who was the creative force behind artwork for Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP and A Tribe Called Quest’s Beats, Rhymes and Life, among others. The video was written and produced by Matt Fingaz. The episode is followed by a freestyle over a melange of different beats, that exhibits Will literally going from the past to the present.”

DOWNLOAD: Will Roush – Take It Back Freestyle
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  • this is outside the box and I love the creativity. Very impressive. I most def gone check my dude Rouse out just becuz of this animation.

  • chris

    see this is dope…keep it coming 2dope

  • Mr.G

    Get this basic rhyme scheme shit out of here. Are you that thirsty for musically salvation that you’ll drink whatever a nigga bottles and gives to you. Pause that shit. Back to regularly scheduled programming, Good Afternoon dopeboyz and girls.

  • C

    video is dope but his music is kinda weak.

  • still waiting for Nino Bless The Nomads