A (2)Dope Battle: DviousMindz vs NR (Winner)

blame it on Shake April 20, 2009

Alright folks… last week I put up the submissions from both DviousMindz & NR for the first ever beat battle on 2dopeboyz. Giving them the challenge of flipping Radiohead’s Karma Police. The voting was left up to myself (1 vote), Meka (1 vote), the rest of the NMC (1 vote) and the dopeboyz/girlz (1 vote). In the event of a tie we would have pushed for another round. Alas… there was no tie. Check the voting (and winner announcement) after the jump…

Beat1 = NR
Beat2 = DviousMindz

Shake: Beat1
Meka: Beat1
NewMusicCartel: Beat1 (4-to-2 total)
Poll: Tie (As shown by this screenshot I took a few minutes ago)*


All people voting were only given the submissions as Beat1 and Beat2 so there was no favortism involed. And even though the voting might seem a bit lopsidded; this was no easy battle to vote on. Both did their thing and I’m very happy on the turn out it brought up. I’m really thinking about keeping this as a bi-monthly series at the dopehouse. So any producers wanting to challenge NR next week, drop a note here!

*Note: I scheduled this post at 1:26am my time for an earling morning post.

  • good battle yall. I’m down for the battle if its up to anyone?

  • Let’s go!!!

  • Ouchh, Congrats NR. That battle was pretty fun

  • Juanka

    Congrats NR, your beat was fire!

  • yup

    while i cant say i agree with the winner, i definitely agree with the concept… keep it going!

  • rj

    i might be interested in giving this beat battle a shot.

  • Im down for the next one…myspace.com/imakemadbeats

  • MSK

    I’m down to battle, let me know. [email protected]

  • battle?

  • NR

    thanks to all who support… you can get at me on twitter
    Dviousmindz…thanks for the competition and good luck in your future projects

  • word up, i’m def down to give NR the business… lol Shake, Meka, let me know! Good battle tho!

  • iZ iT 2 Late 2 Get In On The Next Contest???


  • good work NR, glad your beat made it..i had a feeling beat 1 was yours. I wanna get in on this battle eventually

  • MDP

    Congrats to both NR and dviousmindz for a great inaugural (2)Dope Battle.

    Wish I could get on, but I know I would get murdered… :)

    @ NR & dviousmindz: Can rappers use these beats to rap over?


    shake, what do you use for screen cap?

  • Shake



  • Shake, you fucking with Macs?

  • yo shake, im tryna get in the next battle. you can check out my stuff @ myspace.com/soulhustlemusic

    i also dropped a flip of the sample for this past battle its the first one in the comments.

  • here’s the link to that one:

    Carlito Beat Contest Flip:

  • bondi boy

    @MDP & Shake

    Shouldn’t that be just command+shift+3 ? If you hit control it won’t work. And command+shift+4 if you just want to capture a part of what’s on screen.


  • Shake

    ^^control makes it save to the clipboard. which is what i use so i can put it in photoshop. i dont need a file made and put on my desktop.
    i use “4” as well, but for this particular image i used “3” haha.

  • Jae

    congrats to NR
    Im own for a battle ( myspace.com/dah2l )


    Congrats To NR.. Dvious also! Who is ready for the next battle!?

  • congrats nr… good shit.
    yo shake. how do i get in on this battle

  • bondi boy

    Just got to work and checked in to 2dopeboyz. So that’s where that file went (shift+command+control+3 to clipboard). Thanks, Shake.

  • muzik

    Battle was a tight concept and can’t wait to see what’s next. Congrats NR!!!

  • quickV

    yo shake hook it up with crazier songgsss

    2db needs a forum!

  • Word up to NR & Dvious…
    When’s the next battle…
    I’m down to put in work!!


  • @ Carlito
    lets go

  • Milkman

    I’m willing to be the next battle on here [email protected]

  • I’m down for the battle. Shouts to Marlon who was pumpin me up while i was on hiatus, but damn, he got a little wild. Lemme know what up with the battle!!$!

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