• Justin from the dot.

    hahaha @ that pic.

  • Justin from the dot.

    and track is fuckin' dope. greatt song.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Champ Bailey the football player for the Denver Broncos lmao

  • D.

    im straight but damn shakes fine

  • BigZ

    Tight song. But if you break down the name you'll see that the rappers name is Jihad. That means holy war in Arabic, and considering this track is called we want peace, he's fucked up :p

  • Brandon

    So Shake is basically the wingman? xD

  • Representin

    WOW Crooked I & Ya Boy on da same record, plus da records hot.. NICE!

  • Chinks


  • HI Side N

    2 of the Best is a crazy hard track by ya boy and crooked. they got 2 songs together, and this is the third.

  • HI Side N

    oh yeah ... Trick Trick aint from the West, he from the Chi

  • Shake

    ^^that's why i said his name outside of the best in the west. and he's from detroit actually.


    Champ Bailey, the football player? Track is pretty dope, IMO.

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  • Jamal

    Jihad actually just means struggle, homie. Like he says, doesn't necessarily mean Holy War. There's just a lot of myth about true islam going around now, thanks to these f*cking idiots like Al Qaeda and other Islamist militant groups who make Islam look like a cult of savage brown people to the rest of the world. Misconception about the word Jihad is just a small part of that.