Lil Wayne – Facelift Spit f. Kevin Rudolf [Full/NoDJ]

blame it on Shake April 21, 2009

I’ll admit, I actually enjoy it when Wayne goes in like this. Another cut off DJ Smallz & DJ Neptune’s Southern Smoke TV v.1. UPDATE: The other half of dopeRoots just came through with the tag-fee version. UPDATE2: BuckMarley unearths the full version (extra verse) and the real song title. Rebirth is coming…

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Facelift Spit f. Kevin Rudolf [Full/NoDJ] | Mediafire
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  • Ameree

    Haven’t heard Weezy go off like this in a LONG time.

  • Tony

    WOW. that was actually… good.

  • CheezyDoDo

    amerse didnt havent been listening to “weezy” in a long time because he has been goin off for the past 8 monthes

  • Trey

    That is fire. Actually good..

  • Demon

    The fast delivery at the beginning was heat.. this is good shit

  • Nahhhhh

    @CheezyDoDo, oh, word? Please see any of the 349782398473895 songs that asshole has been featured on. All garbage. This was better.

  • The missing verse on this is fucking crack… trust me.

  • Demon

    ^^ And where is it?

  • One sec

  • Steve_O

    D’Wayne ripped this track up, but the Rudolf dude needs to fall off the map quickfast.

  • Demon

    Geeez akhan major props for that.

  • AK


  • YaWrong

    Is shake becoming a closet wayne fan ?

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  • Shit goes hard

  • twss

    “I’ll admit, I actually enjoy it when Wayne goes in like this”

    thats what she said

  • kaohtix

    this is dope
    mr lil weezy comes correct sometimes

  • AK

    Shake, it’s actually called Spit not Facelift.

  • I’m telling ya’ll ever since he got with Drake Weezys been getting back on his bull shit (c) Busta.

  • M.I.

    sounds just like everything else he’s been droppin…rambling about nothing….ok….

  • damn

    “thats what she said”

    twss said this on April 21st, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    now i am 100% sure that lil kids are all over this site

  • Canin

    Lil Wayne goes hard on this one, and Please stop the hate M.I.

  • M.I.

    Hate???…it’s hate cause i stated the obvious…if you can tell me there’s a topic here…i’ll gladly accept the title of “hater”

  • demise

    agree with M.I.

  • Demon

    I agree that his style hasn’t really had direction with all these tracks he’s releasing but unless it’s an album or serious mixtape, why does he need to have a topic? This is just some random track he made (like the hundreds of others) and as far as being energetic and flowing goes, he’s on point.

    Wayne hasn’t had topics very often anyway.. Tie My Hands, Georgia Bush and a couple others come to mind. People just have to take him for what he is.

  • Canin

    You Earned the Title!!!!!
    And every song does not need a topic in order to be good!!!!

  • CheezyDoDo

    btw prom queen and hot revovler both have topics

    and most of the songs off carter 3 had topics liek comfortable,dr carter,shoot me down and mrs officer

  • Lil’ Nello

    Damn like I said before I ain’t really a fan of Wayne but he went in on this shit! And is it me or he actually been coming a lot of hot shit these past few weeks?!

  • niketheory


    And I’ll AGAIN say…

    He’s turned me into a believer.

    Are you serious?!
    This song is NASTY.
    That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.

  • kdjuggernaut

    song raw as hell WEEEEEEEEEEEEEZY BACCCCCCCCCCK thank ya jesus lol but come on has anybody been to datpiff lately sum asshole uploaded currensy’s album for dwnlod niggaz are ungrateful these dayz!

  • regis

    If anyone wants them, here are the spit lyrics:

  • Peg-Leg

    I always knew Wayne was gonna come back on this real lyrical shit, but I would never have guessed that Rebirth would be the album to bring him back.