Lloyd Banks – Wheels Fall Off f. Ron Browz

blame it on Shake April 22, 2009

Lloyd Banks and Ron Browz link up one more time. And once again, Banks does his thing and Browz does nothing but bad (the bad bad, not the Jacko bad) stuff. And I’m gonna go out and say I don’t think this is complete as there seems to be a verse open at the end. Must be someone on Browz end leaking it as I usually get final/mastered shit (first) haha. Not to mention the last time they got together, the first two leaks weren’t right. Shame… shouts to Karen Civil either way.

DOWNLOAD: Lloyd Banks – Wheels Fall Off f. Ron Browz | Mediafire

  • Jay Daniels

    does he just keep getting worse? isn’t he supposed to get the hang of this autotune shit after a while..


  • P.L.K

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  • Tripple-A

    I fuckin hate Ron Browz!!!! Sorry Lloyd Banks, you wack for this collabo. Couldnt even check your verse, had to turn it off

  • n8tiv3
  • Ron Browz ruined the track.

  • james

    It’s true Brownz is wack and his vocals were shit.

    But Banks is fresher then ever. “Banks stomp like a reverend” that had me rollin’


    Browz vocals are distracting, but they don’t ruin the WHOLE track – worse than the last one though. He gets a verse & the hook this time around. Banks rips everything he blesses lately … cant wait for the next mixtape/album

  • the don

    Fuck you guys talkin about give it a chance pussys.ron B’s lyrics aren’t too bad the auto toon kinda wack.but Banks is makin a name for himself now that he’s about to leave interscope and be solo. But its all good its ggggg-unniiiitt! All day pussys!!