Remember all those Jigga clones (which he unfortunately was lumped into that category with)? Angelous, Bathgate, Sacario, that yenta who now runs with Jim Jones (how the fuck is that for irony?), the list goes on & on. Generation Gap 2, droping May 26th.

DOWNLOAD: Ali Vegas - We Made It Through f. Jon Connor & Termanology | Mediafire


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  • Cannon

    Vegas wasn't a Jigga clone, he was a Nas clone

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  • Prince

    Veg Never Really Sounded Like Hov....Nas, Maybe But Thats Only Because They Have Similar Backgrounds...

  • Spektate

    That dude Jon Connor is the truth! Y'all need to post more stuff from him!

  • Sensational Roc

    this shit is dope...I know Jon Connor personally, he's from Flint, MI...a great artist...check out his myspace for more music from him...