Lakers 108, Jazz 94

blame it on Shake April 25, 2009

Two words… Black Mamba.

  • that was quick.

  • StReTcH!

    KOBE!!!!! 38 points, goin to finish the series at home next game. LAKE SHOW WAS ON FIYYA!

  • jumpoffjoebeezy

    once he made his first 4 shots i said to myself its gonna be one of those nights…cold blooded assassin…thats the difference between him and lebron…lebron smiles and has fun and there is nothin wrong with that at all he is younger and all but kobe just wants to rip your heart out on the court you gotta love watchin him go off like he did tonight…by the way anyone notice jazz were up like 7 and phil jackson didnt call a timeout lakers made 3 straight 3s and after that the jazz never got back in it

  • fck Lebron! Kobe and Wade FTW

  • KB24

    You already knew Kobe was gonna go off after his Game 3 performance. Kobe was so fuckin amazing just hitting fadeaways and jumpers all day long. Looked like something on nba live. The other Lakers stepped back and let Kobe do his thing. Def a Kobe show today. Lets wrap this thing in LA on Monday!!

  • rea1

    K.O.B.E B.R.A.Y.A.N.T


  • *notices that nobody is demanding shake change that jazz-laker ticker to the side like when the lakers lost*

    just saying.

  • jumpoffjoebeezy

    who is your squad meka

  • *notices that nobody is demanding shake change that jazz-laker ticker to the side like when the lakers lost*


    ehhh, everybody in this c-section is slobbering all over the Lakers/Kobe anyways.

  • ronnie brewer got embarrassed.

  • Isaiah Thomas

    no smh at Tony Parker going off and still losing

  • Complacent

    man the lakers are garbage…kobe cant produce a ring he chokes at the end…he hibernates like a black mumba does…they wont get past the jazz…jazz in 7 watch i bet everything i own

  • JF


    i call dibs on his tv.

  • no smh at Tony Parker going off and still losing


    i know man, that shit was bananas. Parker and Duncan were amazing and the rest of the team just shit bricks and sucked ass.

  • niketheory


    man the lakers are garbage…kobe cant produce a ring he chokes at the end…he hibernates like a black mumba does…they wont get past the jazz…jazz in 7 watch i bet everything i own

    Complacent said this on April 25th, 2009 at 7:52 pm


    Gayest. Comment. Ever.

  • KB24

    Complacent that is the dumbest comment I’ve heard. Even if your a Laker hater you got to admit their the most powerful team in the league. Jazz will be lucky to even win one more game as 2 of the next 3 are in Staples Center. Expect Lakers to finish it off on monday

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I swear Kobe could of went for 50 the way he was shooting. He just relaxed after a while.

  • o’dog

    man the lakers are garbage…kobe cant produce a ring he chokes at the end…he hibernates like a black mumba does…they wont get past the jazz…jazz in 7 watch i bet everything i own

    i’m guessing you don’t own much. lakers in 5

  • Wow now I like Kobe and all but anyone forgot about game 3 when Kobe went 5-23 and they lost, and the Cavs are up 3-0, just sayin…

  • Jpeezy

    wrap it up on monday

  • Wolverine
  • gavin from SL

    Ruined my night

  • fro

    ^^ late http://hypebeast.com/forum/showthread.php?t=104730 haha
    video is dope tho, nice imitations and some nice lines in it

  • cav

    Two words… Lakers Suck.

  • rea1

    Wow now I like Kobe and all but anyone forgot about game 3 when Kobe went 5-23 and they lost, and the Cavs are up 3-0, just sayin…


    come on look who the cavs are playing…….put the lakers in the east and we make the finals easy.

    western conference >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • B-RIZ


  • Isaiah Thomas

    I agree that the West is harder in terms of teams

  • Jimbo

    Read the interconference records, eastern teams beat western teams more this year for once.

  • omniscient

    lebron is better than kobe in a lot of ways
    kobe has a sweet jumper. however, kobe is not as clutch as the media would have you believe. i just came across this stat: In each season as a pro, Kobe Bryant has shot less than 50 percent when his team is trailing by one or two points before his team’s final possession. That is all that i needed to see. If you are less than a 50-50 shot when your team really needs you to make a basket, you are not clutch.

    bottom line: i have no problems saying kobe is a great player. I just dont understand why everyone forces the “Kobe is clutch” mantra on the world when they know it aint true….i guess that’s the media for ya…

    oh ya….watch this video if you forgot about the greatness


  • SHOWMAN3000

    Eastern teams have a better record against west teams because the west coast games matter more in order to make the playoffs and they are beat up after playin so many western conference games. I love the east more but it’s a cake walk over their. It’s been beyond weak for almost 10 years now.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Come on the East has had an advantage for years. They play weaker competition during the playoffs so by the time they play in the finals they have ample amount of rest.

    I mean who are the Cavs really gonna face during the playoffs that can beat them except come the finals (rhetorical question)? NO ONE!

    I want L.A. to win but if the Cavs keep getting these sissy teams before the finals they’re gonna win because they’ll be well rested to go a 7 game series with the Lakers. Oh and it;s not a westcoast bias cuase I’m from the east.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    That stat about Kobe is probably true however, look that stat up for the other top 5 players and I’m sure their rating is either lower or haven’t been as many of those game type scenarios. For ex. if someone has 10 of those game situations and did good 4 out of the 7 of course that’s good. But that’s not enough games to say that they are clutch either. I’m sure the amount of games that Kobe has been in those situations are way more than other players in the league.

  • KB24

    lebron’s 55 aint great compared to this lol

  • omniscient

    just because 81 is more than 55 doesnt make that video more impressive than lebron’s. its not that kobe made those baskets look easy. they actually WERE easy. he was hardly contested on any given possession. lebron is hucking up ridiculous shot after ridiculous shot. do u watch sportscenter? lebron has a different NASTY block at LEAST once a week. i know that u have to admit lebrons supporting cast is a bunch of scrubs compared to the lakers. no matter what you say, lebron is the 2009 mvp and he may be the reigning mvp for many years to come.

  • omniscient

    to be fair, i will admit that kobe is somewhat clutch. but, if you were to just blindly listen to analysts, you would think he was the best clutch player to ever play the game (which is far from the truth.) anyone that was old enough to follow basketball in the early 90s knows that this current watered down version of basketball doesnt stand up to the balls out, no bitching to the refs, no flopping, hard defense every possession, team oriented basketball that was much better to watch and produced better skilled players…will someone bring that brand of ball back?

  • fro

    ^what the fuck is you talking about? just stop. please. im not tryin to be a dick, but cmon, 50 percent is not clutch? are you fucking serious? and how is 81 not better than 55? check how many people have scored in the 50’s. damon stoudemire has a 50 point game. david robinson has a 70 point game. 81 is the second highest ever. and what the fuck does 90s basketball have to do with being clutch?

    ps i am a kobe dickrider (pause) and i dont give a fuck.
    pss. i also dont believe kobe is the greatest clutch player ever. i say hes top 3, and hes prolly not 1 or 2
    psss. again i aint tryin to be a dick, but if youre gna debate about something at least make some since and have some good facts.

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  • RAE

    i dont know if you noticed shake, but niners fans = warriors fans. a lakers and niners fan = fag. get real dude

  • GET EM KOBE!!!
    “play for your freedom”
    he can fuckin balll!!!

  • Dwade is more clutch than Kobe.

  • omniscient

    whether you mean to be a dick or not, if an nba professional misses more game winning shots than he makes, he is not clutch. PERIOD. is that a hard concept for you? the guy is a good baller. hes just not a guy that should be labeled with “clutch.” ive seen dude freak out with the ball on last shots on more than one occasion. its not just missing or making buzzer beaters, its making good decisions. he doesnt. hes not the smartest guy on the court. i truly think that over the last few years, kobe has been the most talented player in the league but i have never for a second thought that he was the best. that is probably the biggest insult that i could ever give a player.

  • yup

    yadayadayadayada… D WADE

  • rob22


  • I don’t really like the Lakers or Kobe at all, but I just couldn’t take reading your comments. That is the most retarded bullshit I have ever read! What was Jordan’s percentage on those same shots?

    Shooting 50% FOR A WHOLE SEASON is almost impossible for Guards! DWade shoots around 48% for his career during the regular season and Kobe shots around 45/46% I think. So why would shooting 50% on the LAST POSSESSION when the ENTIRE defense is eyeing you, be something attainable? You are so damn stupid when it comes to the NBA it’s not even funny. That is one of the worst arguments I have ever read/heard hahahahahahaha.

  • ^that was @ OMNISCIENT

  • Conglomorate

    EVERYONE that says that Lebron is better, is wack… Nigga is tight and all but, Kobe got 3 RINGS! dont forget that, and hes gonna get another 1 this year. Lebron has NOOO outside shot, the only shots he makes from the outside are on SportCenter. And thats not alot. Lebron doesnt have a great team around him to win Championships… YET! so Kobe this year… LAKERS ALL DAY!

  • Conglomorate

    Oh Yeah… Dwade made like 1 buzzer beater… He’s not clutch, KOBE’s CLUTCH! i dont give a FUCK what u say!!!! and… 3 RINGS BIATCH!!!!

  • I notice no one is saying anything about Bynum, just because LA is winning now. His game play is so unintelligent sometimes you think he has down syndrome. He plays how Big Baby looks.

  • Two Words – SHOW STOPPER

  • Shake

    @ RAE

    because i dont like the warriors im a fag? oh please… get the FUCK outta here. always some reason for people to hate. im a fag because i liek the lakers and niners? riiiiight. and since im a braves fan that makes me extra homo? smfh….

  • truth

    kobe is better than lebron because of his all-around skill. he shoots jumpshots, he drives, he can posterize, he can post up, all that. what can lebron do? dunk. dunk. layup. dunk. jumpshot. layup.

    lebrons getting mvp because nba is on his dick and others just see team records. DWADE MVP – how can you argue against it?

  • bank$

    uhm, averaging 28.4 ppg, 7.6 rpg, 7.2 apg, 1.7 spg and 1.1 bpg in an MVP season [on the most winningnest team in the NBA, might I add) is the NBA dick riding LeBron? yeah…sure.

    and everything you named that kobe can do…so can lebron; matter of fact lebron is probably the greatest player of all time at attacking the rim aka driving the lane aka most likely posterizing someone.

    i like both, but the hate on lebron needs to stop.

  • JF

    LeBron pads his stats lol.

    he’s a great player though.

    arguing about the two is pointless because neither side is going to just say, “you know what, you’re right … so and so IS better!”

    since i’m a Lakers fan, i’ll just say Kobe is better and leave it at that. stats can prove he is, and that he isn’t.

  • bank$

    I would agree with you on the padding stats thing..because every player does it…but then again – LeBron sat out a lot of fourth quarters this year, so i don’t know for real.

    you’re definitely right about the aruging though, lol… they’re both top three in the league for sure.

  • Cory

    LeBron James is LeBron James, NOT Kobe Bryant. Please, stop comparing..

  • Burk

    Kobe beat Lebron twice this season…

  • Mr.G

    Kobe won’t win a ring without Shaq. Same as DWade. Kobe drops 81, but what does the rest of the team do. And don’t give me that ‘If he drop 81, the team don’t have to do shit’ response. Point blank Kobe is a damn ball hog, you don’t drop 81 without being one, and if he had this amazing team you speak of, he wouldn’t have to drop 81. Lebron has how many triple doubles this season? Distribution, team player, words that are synonymous with Lebron James. Kobe can ball, like an And 1 nigga on the blacktop out for self. Lebron plays ball, like an NBA Allstar with a team around him to feed off his energy.

  • Bizzy

    …… hold up MR. G… when Kobe dropped 81… the team didnt play that well at all… can you really compare that same team with todays team?… face it man they got better…. bcuz kobe trust them… and they could actually makes shots now…

  • Bizzy

    teh year kobe dropped that 81… them niggaz was ok…nothing great at all… they barely helped kobe win games… now kobe dont even think about scoring the first two quaters nowadays he just pass up shot to give them other nigga some shots… WHICH THEY KNOCK DOWN NOW, and i reapeat thats something that they could do before… tell me would you really trust them if you was on that team?…and dont said Lebron did etter.. cuz Lebron allways had Big Z wheneer he had some problems

  • omniscient

    @ tommmy

    i can tell you with certainty that michael jordan was WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over 50 percent on game winners. he was websters dictionary clutch. it is fine when kobe and jordan are simply compared, but, what is laughable is when someone debates whether kobe may be as good or better, its a joke. a fucking joke. especially in the category of clutch. he is DEBATABLE as the most clutch in the league today, but he is not a sure thing unanimous vote as most clutch in the league. and my problem is that he is displayed as super clutch when he is not all that.i repeat: when the most talent doesnt add up to being the best player, that means his basketball intelligence is lacking.

    also, go take a look at that raptors team that 81 was scored on.

    what defensive master was guarding kobe? was it mike james or was it the stifling defense of pape sow? you wanna talk about padding stats? it was a magical night. fun to watch. just not incredibly impressive.

  • omniscient

    if anyone on here thinks that the 81 point game was even one of kobes top 5 most impressive games, you dont know dick about basketball. point blank. he has had a great career and a regular season dismantling of the storied(sarcasm) toronto franchise is not his finest moment.

  • omniscient

    @ tommy

    if the whole defense is keyed on you, what does that mean? keyed on you? if you are referring to a double or triple team, that would mean that one or two of kobes teammates are wide open. if mr ball hog would check his ego, he probably would have some assists on game winning baskets. if there is no double team and he cant beat someone one on one, then he dont deserve to win the game. nice try though, TOMMY.

  • omniscient

    also, i would like to clarify what i mean about clutch. Kobe almost never nails the game winner at the buzzer. But he hits a hell of a lot of hard/clutch shots within the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.

  • Yo kobe threw toilet paper at the jazz last night. When the buzzer went off he told them to “clean this sht up before you go”…and Rose is showing his ass in this 4th quater…He shredding these soft c’s

  • quickV

    not again with ray allen…..

    dude is wide open

  • can someone please break allens legs damm lol…all this guy is catch and shoot, like a fck robot

  • Joe

    being a fan of the lakers is soooo 2002…..god.

  • bank$

    ben gordon … ray allen .. now they’re clutch ! anyone arguing that? lol

  • nystradomus

    i love to see the MAJORITY of the laker fans (aka patriot fans aka yankee fans aka bandwagon riders) all hyped up and talking shit about a ring like kobe can win it all single handed… yall act like kobe is the greatest ever when he isn’t even the greatest playing in the league right now… lebron has him on ppg, FG%, REBOUNDS per game, assists per game and i can keep going but you all can go to nba.com and see for yourself… when someone is eating kobe in stats (damn near all of them) how to you argue that kobe’s the best? it doesn’t get more technical than stats

  • this guy above me, just reads the STATS, because thats how you tell if a player is great… They have all the STATS HAHAHA…Just like a youngster to type some shit about STATS…Kobe closes out games and gets W’s, and he takes better shots, not to mention runs his team more efficiently… He’s a killer, and he can adapt to how he’s being played…Lebron’s great but he aint touching 24, especially not in the playoffs

  • @ tommy

    if the whole defense is keyed on you, what does that mean? keyed on you? if you are referring to a double or triple team, that would mean that one or two of kobes teammates are wide open. if mr ball hog would check his ego, he probably would have some assists on game winning baskets. if there is no double team and he cant beat someone one on one, then he dont deserve to win the game. nice try though, TOMMY.


    your lack of NBA knowledge astonishes me.

  • rea1


  • quickV

    stats aren’t everything
    what happened to lebron the year after he averaged 27,7, and 7?????
    and everyone picked him 1st in fantasy drafts too.
    some of you guys have a lack of NBA knowledge, and also: i doubt some of you even play basketball.

    they doubled parker and duncan, even finley.
    WHAT do you think they’re gona do against kobe?

  • SHOWMAN3000

    @ omniscient
    You said “Bryant has shot less than 50 percent when his team is trailing by one or two points before his team’s final possession.”

    You sound real real real off base to say Kobe isn’t clutch. Well if you do that same statistic on all the great “CLUTCH” players like Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Jerry West, Michael Jordan, Irving “Magic” Johnson, Bernard King, John Havlecic and more I’m 1000% positive their career statistics in clutch situations down the stretch are below 50%

    That’s an extremely vague stat because what if their are other players (which I’m sure happened) who shy away from the ball and shoot it one time or very few times and make those few shots vs. someone who is willing to shoot enough times to eventually make the shot that wins the game. Be clutch is so much more than percentages dog. It’s the players who are willing to take the shots and strategies on defense to create a offensive attack to be in a position to win the game. Being clutch is a strategy a combination of attacking offensive in different ways and defensively.

    Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t probably played basketball to know that to be 50% or or in the 40’s over for your career in game ending or close down the stretch baskets is extraordinarily hard. Any person who played basketball on a serious level knows that. So if Kobe isn’t clutch then all the all the all time greats who were considered clutch are not clutch too.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Pardon the bad grammar

  • L0$


  • RAE

    @ SHAKE

    actually, yes liking the braves does make you extra gay. my point is that i rep the bay cuz im from the bay. you rep the lakers, niners and braves because you are a soft ass bangwagon hoppin homo, who’s sports fandom has no basis in integrity. i suppose you like the bulls and the bills too? maybe the cowboys? how bout the rockets? who else was good when you were a kid? faggot. just cuz you use internet lingo and emoticons to express yourself doesnt mean you’re superior.

  • 2 words

    KO BE!

  • fro

    wow some dudes is trippin. haha, yea shake on the bandwagon for the niners, who have terrible seasons lately, great team to bandwagon. i know dudes in northern cali who love the jazz and the bengals. if you been supportin a team forever and support them even through the bad times that clearly makes you a bandwagoner (sarcasm)

  • omniscient

    i will tell u again that michael jeffrey jordan shot over 50 percent on game winners. i know that we can all agree that kobe is no jordan, but i am just giving u an example of someone who was clutch.

    all i was saying from the beginning is that it is crazy to me that dude hasnt even had ONE season where he shot over 50 percent on final possessions. everyone took it to another level and put words in my mouth that i never said. whether we have stats or not, i follow the nba every day since the early 90s and i know about every time that kobe has drained a game winner and every time that he has clunked it or turned the ball over. from this experience and knowledge, i can tell you that he is significantly below 50 percent in his career on last possessions.

  • SOC4L

    how the fuck can a 49ers fan be a bandwagoner and how can u hate on him for not reppin his area when LA doesnt even have a fucking team? duumbass
    anyway kobe doesnt make 50% of his game ending shots, nor has anyone who has put up a decent amount ever. You say we labeling Kobe clutch cuz of the media, which is true, but then you go and do the same with jordan. obviosly he missed game winners, theres jus no point to show those highlights anyomre. To the idiot talking about 81, that wasnt even this season so your opinion doesnt matter anymore.
    Lakers fans in LA arent bandwagoners, im in LA, been a fan since i was a little kid, so stop being jealous MY region has the BEST team in the NBA about to go for another championship. Lebron is great but Kobe is greater period.

  • omniscient

    jordan wasnt labeled clutch cuz of the media. he was clutch. jordan missed game winners, just not often. i was living and watching every bulls game during jordans dominance. dont tell me that jordan missed more game winners than he made cuz then your ignorance is showing. and your comment about “no point in showing those highlights anymore?” what are u even talking about?

  • RAE

    if you read through a fuckin comment you would notice that i said when he was growing up you bitch, it was easy to bandwagon the 49ers in the late 80s and 90s wasn’t it?? fag. READ the comment before you respond. lakers fans in la aren’t band wagoners, but how about being a 9ers or a braves fan in la throughout the nineties. and for la teams, if dude is FROM la, how bout the rams or the raiders? they didnt win enough at that time huh??

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Homie you ARE wrong Jordan is NOT over 50% lifetime with baskets down the stretch period. Key words “down the stretch” Bottom line that so called stat is an extremely vague stat for it doesn’t equate what a clutch player is including Michael “Jesus” Jordan. That stat doesn’t define clutch. I’m sure most greats weren’t 50% lifetime. So does that mean a nobody who went 3 for 3 on game enders with a prefect percentage more clutch than Jordan (rhetorical)? NO WAY!

    Even if Kobe is significantly below then so is a lot of other tilted “clutch” players. Again that stat is a irrelevant stat for the simple fact you have to put in account for the score in the 4th quarter, the time, the shots taken in those last 5 minutes|2 minutes or anything below a minute, defensive plays to gain possessions leading up to the end of the game and in some cases assits. A clutch shooter is a shooter who helps you win the game in either an array of shots (of course some will be missed along the way) to be in the position to either win and/or tie the score to eventually win the game.

    That stat is so of que that if hypothetically speaking Munot Bol made 6 game winners over a span of 14 yrs and only attempted 7 game winners then of course the statistic will make him look clutch. When in all reality out of 82 games each yr for 14 yrs and you only took 7 shots. Where’s the stats for all the times his teammates didn’t trust giving him the ball or the stat where he wasn’t apart of the drives to win in the 4th quarter in other games. The stat when no one trusted him to shoot the ball all those times and he just got layups off of a great pass from a good player who actually made the difficult play for him. The stat for how the games his team came back or were in tight situations and he barely shot the ball.

    That 4th quarter stat holds little weight for ALL great clutch shooters.

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