DJ DviousMindZ Presents – Beats I Would’ve Gave Jadakiss (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 28, 2009

The latest in his Beats I Would’ve Gave series, DviousMindz decides to craft some beats for the D-Block general. The last installment featured some excellent artwork too [/plug]. This time around? Now so much. In fact it’s absolute garbage. Seriously… how to you go from this to this. Dah well… it’s not my product looking like a 2 year old box of Mac N Cheese (not Kraft Dinner) that’s been kicked around more than a soccer ball in Mexico any country outside the US. Shots fuckin’ fired. No holding back Shake is upon us…

DOWNLOAD: DJ DviousMindZ Presents – Beats I Would’ve Gave Jadakiss

  • devo408

    haha the bitter shake is upon us for real…but you gotta point that new artwork is shit

  • Isaiah Thomas

    lol @ the artwork
    Dont diss meh-hico cuz the swine flu is upon us haha -_-

    gotta check this tape out

  • WOW at the bitterness.
    I’m shocked lol.
    Where does this stem from?

  • Dont diss meh-hico cuz the swine flu is upon us haha -_-


    more the reason to diss Mexico now…shitty artwork too haha

  • Grant

    People are hating over artwork.
    I thought music was something you heard.
    Shake=bad day lol?
    The fact that you took time out of your day to think of insults over artwork…

  • That seems to be a very popular font. I’ve seen that on just about everything lately…

  • @ Grant: Apparently Shake is a designer, and being a designer myself, I think i speak for him when i say that its super hard not to hold back on artwork “insults” when your posting shitty art like this on your blog. To tell you the truth i dont see what’s so great about dvious’s beats either.

  • uhh

    wow stop crying…honestly..

  • devo408

    ^^^if you dont like our crying you could leave…at least we got a reason to cry that artwork is straight shit dude

  • lol ^
    I guess Shake just hates anything he isn’t apart of?
    Who knows?

  • Money

    kinda uncalled for..

  • It’s fucking Kraft Dinner!!!!!
    Hence the slogan “Gotta be K D”

    and yes, being a designer and art aficionado gives Senor Shake every reason to comment on such a topic. Just as I comment on poor acting; as Im sure others comment on ppl doing a poor job of something they love

  • Oh yeah..
    And again I point out– It’s Kraft Motherfucking Dinner!!!
    It says so on the box!


  • Money

    Mirrors is FIRE.

  • uhh

    @ devo408

    our crying? maybe you nd shake but dont speak for everyone else…maybe theres a reason he does his own artwork, did you ever think of that? The only thing that matters is how good the beats r not so much of the cover..its watever..

  • devo408

    hey playa do you understand a joke you think im really cryin off this shit? im speakin from a design standpoint cuz thats what im tryin to get into after i graduate. so the cover actually does matter to me cuz i know that shit wouldn’t pass for good anywhere.

  • THATguy

    dvious brotha you need some transition breaks in ur beats or somethin. I could’ve made a few of these on my yamaha motif in 20 minutes.

  • devo408

    and i really aint tryin to argue wit you so no shots in your reply please.

  • quantum

    well on the topic of music.. nice work dvious.

  • dat nigga

    i wonder what shake looks like. Hes probably a little street wear fag,

  • Jeremy

    The fuck is a street wear fag SMH step your insult game up Internet soldierrrr

  • swizzy

    so everyone who wears street weae is a fag all of a sudden lmao

  • swizzy

    my bad

    street wear*

  • devo408

    i dont even know what street wear is!!! but i guarantee that guy that said it wears it haha

  • bruddaman

    lol 1 comment about the music itself? =/

  • devo408

    dammit man the music aint important rite now!!haha were dealin wit some idiot right now the music comes later

  • I love this series.

  • Pssssst

    they both look ugly

  • wAvy

    They too plain. Add Funk to it!

  • collegedropout

    LMAO @ every single comment

    Y’all are wild…

  • termbeensick

    lmfao @ little street wear fag

  • Money

    @ Patrick

    word man.

  • J

    I’ve read so many times this site is about MUSIC. Go talk your stupid shit in a chat room where someones just as dumb as you wants to read it.

    Get back to the music. Dvious, i’m lovin “It’s not a Secret” keep doing your thing.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    The artwork ain’t great but come on… listen to the shit.

    Charles Hamilton has had a bunch of recent ugly covers n i see a million people praising his “artistic view” (sarcasm).

  • If his music was sold in stores, the artwork would be important. When it’s just a free download to get exposure, not really. Why pay one of you fuckboi designers to do a cover for something that’s given out for free? He shouldn’t even provide a cover. It has nothing to do with anything. If he didn’t provide a cover at all, Shake would still post the download regardless of whether it had a cover or not. Honestly, my mp3 player/phone(Sprint Mogul) hardly ever shows the artwork anyway. Also last time I checked, CD players don’t show album art. Fuck the cover! Let the music speak for itself and quit the flagrant hating. Does the artwork make you not wanna listen to the music? If so, shoot yourself in the dome as many times as you can before the gun drops! This shit aint for you. Ya dig!

  • p.s. If this guy started charging 5 dollars a download to pay for professional artwork (to everybody not signed to a major label), I bet a lot of yall would be like “aw man, fuck the artwork.” so Stop bitchin’ bitches!

  • yo

    I dont know. I’ve been doing improv since I was 14. My lady is a working actress. We both have our opinions about poor participants in our fields. but the last thing I would do is air someone out. If I go to an audition and I’m not picked I keep it fucking moving. I dont act like a little kid and make all kinds attacks. and your right. its not your product. so why go to such lengths? This is a terrible way to deal with something. The lashing out is almost sad. I mean…do you need someone to tell you your good enough. Your blog has gotten like 13 million hits and its like your still looking for acceptance.

  • i mean u guys shuldnt b discussin artwork..its about the actual music..i can put out a album with the cover.jus bein ALL WHITE..with nothin but the title on it.but thE ACTUAL MUSIC a b sum of the best shit niggas ever heard..so yeaah

  • LAStateOfMind

    SMH It ain’t like your cover for the previous installment was all that Shake.

  • 1

    lol shakes finally grown some balls and dissed his bumboy producer(shit) friend ,well done

  • devo408

    all you fuckheads kill me!!
    the artwork means alot to me because i do design and its not that the music dont matter but you dont put out shitty work regardless of if its free or not. or at least imo because from trying to get in to graphics i know its important to not put out shitty artwork is what turns people away from your product, free or not. damn you guys just think when we’re complainin but see somethin you like to do done wrong, then hold your tongue back.

  • devo408

    at 1:
    dvious aint a shit producer dawg its just that the recent artwork sucks imo. he does do his thang though.

  • Only a fuckin’ bitch ass hater would complain about something they get for free. If the artwork on a free cd turns you away from the music, you really dont need to be on this site. If Shake and all you other designers got a problem with the artwork, maybe yall should create a blog strictly about artwork and see how many hits that gets. Bet it wont be anywhere close to the attention this site gets. Why? Because the artwork is unimportant. If you dont realize how flagrant that hating is then I feel sorry for you. I do a lot of things better than others(imo), but I never once criticized anybody for doing what works for them. Do what works for you DviousMindz and fuck these hating ass losers. Shots fired on that!

  • p.s. #2 – Bitches!!! lol

  • Shake

    @Big Mike

    actually… one of the main reasons we are as big as we are is because we care about the design and look of every image. might not be your reasoning for coming but its a key ingredient to our success. beliee dat.

  • devo408

    this is getting ridiculous!
    you guys truly dont get it the artwork sucks and whoever dont think so really dont understand design

  • Ummm…

    If artwork wasn’t that important none of you would have taken the time to comment on it. To argue for or against only proves that the artwork has an impact.

  • I would understand the artwork being important if it was a rapper or singer. but it’s not a rapper or a singer. It’s production. Producers are faceless(and I prefer they stay that way). I just dont see the need for artwork at all on a cd of instrumentals. Shake, artwork is important for what you do because you’re working on a blog site. If it lacked artwork, it would be just like the millions of other blogs that’s out there. Blogs are purely visual. These beats speak for themselves. I doubt that major artist are looking at the artwork on a cd full of original beats. Especially when we are in the email era where artist dont even meet the producers that produce their shit.