Yesterday we dropped the trailer, now enjoy the full version of Busta's latest single with Jadakiss and Young Jeezy Lil Wayne.


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  • ElonSkee

    damn the audios messed up... i was expecting a cinematic scene though.. but anyway hot video

  • Shake

    im sure a better rip will surface soon. amatuers over at urban music haha.

  • Dfrye

    I liked the original verse Busta had,
    "Let me see your hands clap
    Like you're givin me dap
    Steppin up out the maybach black
    And be givin you that crack..."

  • t money

    what # single is this of off B.O.M.B?

  • Peg-Leg

    3 I think

  • crazy

    guys should put this song up this shit is crazy.

  • Dhack

    im sure these gotta be an extended version on this...and if there aint there shld be.

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  • maavin

    ehh weezys shit wasnt as hard as it should be. songs deco. i wouldnt blast it with my subs tho

  • Isaiah Thomas

    This bulls game is crazy

  • maavin

    ehh weezys shit wasnt as hard as it should be. songs deco. i wouldnt blast it with my subs tho...

  • Isaiah Thomas

    oh & with everything busta's dropped as of late he coulda dropped 4 albums -_-

  • InsanefAx

    this is the second song ive heard from busta that uses a slaughterhouse sample


    i prefered the version with Jeezy

  • Ryan Hutch

    On everything they shoulda kept Jeezy verse. I dont care for Wayne on this one. But whatever.

  • Shake

    onsmash version added.

  • lynx765

    tyrese? i was expecting something BIGGER from busta...especially as a single

  • 3stackz

    hot ass video

  • George Clooney

    Regardless of the replaced Jeezy verse, you can see why Jada's anchoring this shit either way. I don't think Dwayne would wanna follow it either.

  • Patrick

    Pretty sure that's the Chef at 1:19.

  • Justin from the dot.

    was that Dr. Dre after Tyrese, and Chef?

  • Starface

    ^ No, I think that's Xzibit. Dr. Dre isnt in this video anyway.

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  • TE

    since when was it a girl singing the hook? she annoys me, i thought it was some high pitched london guy. not feelin the video that much tbh, the beat goes hard, but nahh, the audio is better.

  • vP

    What's the origin of this respect my conglomerate shit? Both Royce and Crooked had that same soundbite in their freestyle songs and now Busta has some chick spittin a part of it in his single.

  • Spooky

    Xzibit just gonna' do cameos now?

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