Celtics 127, Bulls 128

blame it on Shake April 30, 2009

I know it’s not a Lakers post… but this HAD to be made. Holy shit! Game 7 awaits…

  • dat nigga

    holy shit

  • dat nigga

    that was a fucking game nigga.

  • Shake

    hell yea. my nerves are all types of shot right now haha.

  • twoface

    shit was fuckin RETARDED!!

    i cant believe that rose block.

    boston better use that home advantage.

  • MoneyMike

    DRose killed rondo shit CHI winning this one

  • Wonderin

    That game was ridiculous. Wow.

    And I wonder if the league will do something about Rondo throwing Hincrich into the scorers table. If he gets suspended, that would be huge.

  • celtics beat lakers but fail against bulls? :D lolz

  • pablo escobar

    the best series between two irrelevant teams in nba history. emphasis on irrelavant.


    So Rondo can trip someone, punch someone in the face, and then throw a player out of bounds – and he’s still able to play? Am I missing something? Dwight Howard got suspended one game for the elbow, when does this guy get the boot? He’s a dirty player if you’ve followed this CHI/BOS series … and he definitely goaltended on that Hinrich layup.

    CHI FTW! I bet Obama’s loving this series!

  • Amazing game, Bulls can not close out the game. From the 12 point lead, to the Hinrich miss to the two miss freethrows.

  • bulls4eva

    i keep saying this.. lets go bulls

  • Maaaaaaan, that game was insane! I wanted to see a 4OT to be honest. Haha, hope the game 7 saturday dont interfere wit my watchin Em vid if they have hella OT’s again.

  • ispeakthetruth

    you cant be serious. the “block” on hinrich was definitely a goaltending. the refs didn’t call it. i don’t know why. “throw a player out of bounds”??? they were tangled up, kirk had just as much part in that as rondo did. the slap in the face… i could see that’d be a technical foul, but the refs didn’t call it. i thought he was going for the ball, but that’s my opinion. do you think the bulls are NOT dirty? they are, 100%. they flop on EVERYTHING. it’s pathetic but really kinda funny after i started to watch for it… oh and pierce got hit in the face game 6 and was bleeding and… NO CALL… the bulls players deserve no respect the way they play. physical is okay, tough is okay… both needed in playoff bball… but flopping is just disrespectful to the game. know who flops? people who are at their last resort and know they can’t beat their opponent man to man. or, in other words, people who play for the chicago bulls…

  • Isaiah Thomas

    FUHNAHTIK- he deff. did goal tend, Hinrich was about to wash Rondo up, great game,Rose always misses clutch freethrows (ie: Kansas vs. Memphis) lol but great block at the end, Brad Miller & Salmons (chuck lol) FTW

  • bank$

    Why did the C’s go away from Jesus the final minute? Dude was hitting everything covered or not and they didn’t even get him a touch. Doc Rivers is a garbage coach, he only has two GW tactics: give it to Pierce for a turn-around or fade away or have Rondo go to the hole. In a time like that, give it to the hot hand and in that case it was Jesus ;; covered or not, I’d be more comfortable with him than Rondo.

    With that being said…this is the best series I’ve ever seen. Hopin’ this doesn’t turn around and end up like the Hawks-Celts game seven.

  • Isaiah Thomas

    ispeakthetruth- Kurt Hinrich & Brad Miller (both left bloodied by Rondo). And in the replay Rondo CLEARLY through Kurt

  • Isaiah Thomas

    LMFAO bank$

  • this series is fucking crazy. 30t? u serious doggie? derrick rose, salmons, joakim noah with the steal and the dunk. lets go bulls.

  • KingTimmy

    great game.. i dont even bother to watch the next game.. just not that enought excitement than this one… lol

  • Isaiah Thomas

    called Ray jesus, he was on tonight, 51 right

  • @Ryan Hutch – hell yeah, i was hopin for a 4th OT too hahaha but the bulls went hard this game man. if pierce & baby hadn’t of gotten fouled out, they woulda had it

  • Kimbo Ice

    2 words:

    Fucking Incredible


    @ ispeakthetruth

    Everyone plays a little dirty – it’s part of the game. A lot of calls have been blown, that’s life – but the replay when Rondo threw Hinrich out was blatant regardless of who you like or who you’re going for. I’m just surprised @ Rondo, I had always enjoyed watching him before – he’s got talent definitely, but I think he will end up suspended before Saturday. If not, and thigns escalate (which they have, and will continue to) then the NBA looks bad for not doing anything to intervene.

    Flopping is what it is, and both teams do an insane amount of it. I don’t personally agree with it, I say be an adult and be respectful.

  • Wonderin

    And Rondo is kind of a pussy. You irish whip someone into the scorers table and when he comes after you, you back up?

    Stay in his face and let him hit you. He gets kicked out and you get away like a bandit with another rough and/or dirty play.


  • Boog

    Uncle Ray Ray is still a beast though.


    To his credit, Rondo did kind of attempt a punch there. the ref was in the way but you can see it in the replay.

    I don’t see how it wasn’t blatant – Hinrich had his back to Rondo, and ended up thrown on his ass out of bounds … kind of hard to argue that.


    Man i hope the Bulls can pull of this next win. i got a lot of money riding on this shit. Actually I only got 200 riding on them with two other people. I need that extra 400 BULLS

  • this series is raising my stress levels. not a good look during finals week lol. Fuckin insanity.

  • SHA

    Noah steal and dunk on Pierce to foul him out made me jump out the window!! Classic game!! Game 7 awaits…….

  • Isaiah Thomas

    Smh at Rockets getting out of 1st round w/o Tracy smh


    What a game shake! Fucking Crazy…. Rondo should be suspended for game 7!!!!! GO BULLS!!!!!

  • Lado

    my BULLS did it AGAIN!!!!!

    classic series one of da best dis decade…


  • skratchdiesel

    both teams have to be spent, esp the c’s. boston in 7

  • rea1

    fuck boston hope bulls get these punks


  • ERIC R.

    Rondo is like a small version of Posey as far as dirty play is concerned. Rondo had no shot at the ball at the end of game 5 and he would never try to whip Rose around like he did Hinrich. Rondo took himself out of game 6.

  • best game i’ve seen all year.

  • Sb 562

    waits on black element to comment on post…. hahahaha

  • Bri

    Lol @ all this Celtics hate. And to dude calling the Bulls & Celtics irrelevant teams, you need to get attention at home wit comments like that. Even with scrubs like Moore, Tony Allen, and Scalabrine out on the floor the Celtics are grinding. Remember it took them 7 to beat the Hawks last year to. You know their gonna win game 7, then beat the Magic, and Garnett will be back against Cleveland. Thats gonna be the series of the year.

  • lil sum sum

    BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fuck yall Bulls fans seriously im sick of this BULLSHIT. Rondo is the man period. yall just some keyboard pumping pussys RONDO HAD 19ast comeeee onnnnn. Can’t wait till after game 7 u mother fuckers can go jump in the same lake u died green U fake irish wanna b’s.

  • n8888888
  • demise

    rondo was shook in that fight. deserves the suspension after getting away with that flagrant and seeing howard get that soft suspension. Its w/e though I still laugh watching how much space he gets from defenders. rondo = soft.

  • Illcredible…yes i just made up a word. insane and that BLOCK was bananas

  • Reality1989

    Amazing! The BEST 1st round series I have EVER seen. Even better than when Denver upset Seattle way back!

  • one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time

  • DDO

    fuck this post, respectively.

  • nick

    if garnett was playing they would of beat them easily…fuckk mannnn rondo’s a ball hog

  • demise

    if is the middle word of life haha. People really wont speak on injuries until it happens to their squad I swear. knee injuries > boston unfortunately. but it happens

  • pRiMo*915

    Great series. RONDO is definitely a dirty ass player. What happened Paul Peirce? Thought u was better than the BLACK MAMBA.

  • I was at the california pizza spot and damm near choked when rose tossed rondo’s sht…the whole place was divided and that last OT was nice…but late game free throws need to be made

  • LOL

    if michael jordan played the bulls will sweep the celtics. lol

  • StReTcH!

    one of the best games in NBA history. also possibly the best series ever in playoffs. tonight was history ladies and gentlemen.

  • indianaJonez

    Funny how many haters there are out there. I’m a LAKERS fan and know that Paul Pierce is one of the best players (and most underrated) players in the league. And if KG was playing this series would be over. Boston beat us last year straight up, even with Bynum Boston would have won they kicked our ass. This year is a new year. It’s gonna be LA vs. CLE and it’ll be a hell of a series. So fellow Lakers fans stop acting like Pierce ain’t shit, he’s from LA first of all, 2nd of all he beat us last year. This year is different and Lebron is now public enemy #1.

  • indianaJonez

    oh and FUCK asher roth. he’s sucha tool I saw him live tonight at PSU and he sucked dick. sucha a tool

  • dat nigga


  • the best game i’ve seen in forever….
    this series is crazy, i can’t believe it

    NOAH > everyone, haha

    i got all this crap in my life now (most my fault)
    but this game, made me forget everything for 4 hours
    craziest game ever

  • Incredible.

  • this is one of the most memorable series in nba history! i was on the phone with my gf an everytime somethin crazy happened id yell over her an shed get mad lmao. the main play was the joakim noah dunk in the 2nd OT OMG i was like DAYUUUUMMM and the derrick rose block had me shittin my pants. this is a playoff series.

  • KSEE

    it was a great great game…cant wait for game seven

    “Follow the long road to the cave of the Holy G..But follow only if ye be well hydrated…For the Enterance of this cave is guarded by Game SEVEN”

    “A creature so foul…so Cruel…That it will Dehydrate your SOUL”

  • Joe

    I can’t believe Rondo was fucking dumb enough to take that shot! Dude had barly hit ANYTHING all night. Feed Ray Allen who was on FIRE the whooollleee night. Oh well, we’ll take game 7 and then get distroyed by the Magic cause noone will be able to stop their big men.

  • james dean

    i just thought about next year’s playoffs…….how many commercials will they have from this one series????

    Jesus Shuttleworth is back btw……51 points?!!!!!?!!?!?!?

  • El. B Sure

    I had a fuckin headache last night from watching that game. So many highs and lows from the Bulls. JoNo is our savior and Rose came with a huge block after pussying out the all of the overtimes. Missing those free throws was probably the best thing that could’ve happened. Didn’t miss those free throws at Memphis that cost the the championship to Kansas?

  • Not-A-Hater

    Why do everybody keep giving the Celtics an excuse for losing? like they don’t have no bench. They have the same supposedly great bench they’ve used all season, minus Powe. Big Baby Davis is putting up Garnett numbers. Rondo has more than doubled all his averages (points, assist, & rebounds). Ray Allen & Paul Pierce are playing all-star caliber. What more can the Celtics do? They are playing above and beyond their talent. Injuries effect every team. Chicago is missing Luol Deng and Ben Gordon and John Salmons are playing with injuries. They’re not complaining. I think it would take another miraculous effort by the Celtics in order to win. The Chicago Bulls are doing them. Nobody on the Bulls is doing anything you haven’t seen them do before. The Bulls should win. They deserve to win. Now that’s logic.

  • nastydaville

    Rose saved that game. Bulls.

  • gospher

    prob the best playoff series i ever seen i like both teams but damn this shit is just wild im rooting for the bulls man
    i hope they pull it off this is some intense shit though i’ll say that

  • LO$

    best series hands down.

    respex to ray allen

  • P.S.A

    all Ima say…despite my Chi-town bias…..

    possibly greatest series I’ve witnessed in playoff history…props should go out to both teams….in the end….the viewers are the ones who win…

    but damn, that Derrick Rose block and Joakim Noah dunk got me off my seat though!!!

  • Kev

    one word: Lakers!!!

  • This series will hold me over nicely until the Lake Show gets back to murdering the western conference.

  • controversial

    @ the idiot who wrote:
    “know who flops? people who are at their last resort and know they can’t beat their opponent man to man. or, in other words, people who play for the chicago bulls…”

    EVERYONE in the league flops. its half the reason why the current nba format is totally fucked up. they should start to assess fouls for flops. but you have it totally ass backwards. the celtics are without their big ticket (garnett) and are having to go to different desperate measures that they have never had to go to before. the celtics are clawing and holding on for dear life. the celtics are having to take it to dirty tactics and making hard fouls out of frustration. they are frustrated cuz its not gonna come easy to them like it has in the past. they are frustrated cuz they know whether its this round or the next, they will eventually not have enough left in the tank to keep winning in 2009

  • eL3

    Hedo got ejected without a technical for just getting in the guys face after a hard foul. I don’t know how Rondo was allowed to play after all that shit. Just comes to prove how the NBA and David Stern care more about making money than showing their love for the game.

    Please don’t try to defend the celtics and attack the bulls for flopping considering your boy Flop Pierce was falling left and right, even when there was no one around him, just to try and draw the foul in the finals last year. That fat ass needs to man up and actually play basketball if you’re going to try and attack others for following his tactics.

  • Jose309P

    Best Series n Best Game i’ve ever seen loving this shit!!!!!!!!
    Like Kanye would say “Amazing”
    Been Fuckin pissed off at my self for not going to the game cuz i was gonna go but they only had tickets left for standing so i was like fuck dat i dont want to drive 3 hrs to chi town n then view the game for that far back but i regret it FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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