• http://theunusualsuspectz.blogspot.com rich

    i've been likin this guy's music ever since I heard that leaders of the new cool mixtape

  • http://googleLOL qwan

    interior crocodile alligator, i Drive a Chevrolet Movie Theater..lol that came from chip originally, if you aint know.

  • Tre

    get hip, or get lost... he's dope

  • http://twitter.com/tommykreling Tommy

    Chip is dope Meka, I am the first one to hate ppl that arent lyricists but Chip's music is funny as hell. He wont amaze you with one liners but its entertaining.

  • http://coldtrane.com Truth

    yeah he's funny. if you like this song, you like chip. cause this is pretty much his style.... no where near his best.. just some good production with the 88 keys behind him

  • Esa

    Nice mix to the song. I was actually thinking of 88-Keys's song from "The Death of Adam". I forgot that the track was just an instrumental.

  • theycallhimjayayers

    ^^ same title as this joint, but I definitely thought someone could've gone in on it!

  • SF

    chip's trash and this is coming from a clevelander