Eminem – Black Amerika (Artwork)

blame it on Shake April 30, 2009

I have a feeling there are gonna be about 537 mixtapes released before Eminem drops Relapse. Like this one… presented by Stack House Recordings. It’s safe to say there will be no “new” Em joints on here but there’s always a chance for 1 or 2 dope blends. The main reason for the post though was for the crazy NOJO artwork (that’s sure to cause a shit storm in the c-section). Hit the jump for a larger version, tracklist and the title track with Luda.

01. Intro
02. Eminem: Black Amerika ft. Ludacris & Barack Obama (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
03. Eminem: Who Else ft. Nas (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
04. Eminem: The Moment (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
05. Eminem: When I’m On Tour (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
06. Eminem: Take Me ft. Jay-Z & Asher Roth (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
07. Eminem: Soldier (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
08. Eminem: I’m Sorry Debbie ft. Kim Mathers & Debbie Nelson (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
09. Eminem: 3 A.M. Produced y Dr. Dre
10. Eminem: Can’t Forget U ft. Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
11. Eminem: Captain Save a Hoe (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
12. Interlude
13. Eminem: You’re A Rockstar (Stackhouse Recordings Old School Mix)
14. Eminem: We Made You Produced by Dr. Dre & Eminem
15. Eminem: Follow Me ft. Busta Rhymes (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
16. Eminem: Do It Again ft. Biggie & Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
17. Eminem: In Control ft. 50 cent (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
18. Tupac Speaks
19. Eminem: I Can’t Fall ft. Tupac (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
20. Eminem: Death Becomes Me
21. Eminem: Feelings (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
22. Eminem Speaks
23. Eminem: Slim Shady (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
24. Eminem: My Conscience ft. Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
25. Eminem: I Could Care Less (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
26. Eminem: Love Me ft. Kanye West & Beanie Sigel (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
27. Eminem: What U Gonna Do ft. Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, Malice (The Clipse) & Jay-Z (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
28. Eminem: My Mentor & I ft. Dr. Dre (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
29. Eminem: Hush Little Baby (Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
30. Eminem: Low Down & Dirty
31. Eminem: Filthy
32. Eminem: Hate Me Now Freestyle
33. Eminem: If I Get Locked Up Tonight ft. Dr. Dre
34. Outro

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Black Amerika f. Ludacris [BLEND]

  • D.


  • CCC^

  • Sac9Town1King6

    see this is fucked up cuz if it was the other way around it wud be considered raciest niggerchinkspickwhitetrash we all the same

  • yowaa

    damn 2dopeboyz are racist towards white people.

  • Pssssst

    im digging the american flag burning

  • Ronny Goines

    THis is the most racist thing I’ve seen like……..in the last two years but, its still dope. And Eminem’s crazy enough to like a cover like this

  • what the fuck? But this is an Eminem mixtape right?? So why…is..*sigh*

  • SoulRemains

    Do you think all rappers approve the mixtape covers before they are released? Most of these are obvs not artist approved.

  • twoface

    when is this supposed to drop?

    i fuckin love blends..especially when they work out…this one is iffyish but ill dload the tape based off of this

  • Shake


    smh @ “2dopeboyz are racist towards white people”

  • Dfrye

    I’m white, not offended at all to be honest. Its a very interesting choice and I don’t know if em would be into something like this or not.

  • Breezy B

    This is racist towards white people? Nah, ya’ll got it twisted, this, in my personal opinion, is a sad attempt to try to portray the poor white rapper’s so called “struggle” with that of the black man in early America. It’s hardly the same and an extremely ill advised portrayal. Just another controversy stirrer. Some may call it art, I call it bullshit, if you disagree it’s whatever, I just call ’em how I see ’em.

  • Starks

    Lol not that serious at all… It’s just dope art imo…

  • 2 Shoes

    @3stackz: “what the fuck? But this is an Eminem mixtape right?? So why…is..*sigh*”

    LMAO Exactly what I was on when I checked the track listing… ooookay? So you’re riding Em’s d*** on the tracklisting, and you’re hanging him on the album cover? Maybe the black gowns should be prostrating themselves to him on stage.. just doesn’t match up at all. Artwork is solid, but not my fancy, and definitely not matching what the track listing reps. haha

  • twoface

    first of all..it is dope art.

    as far as saying “2dopeboyz are racist towards white people”…lets see..

    they drop alchemist shit, ASHER ROTH, atmosphere (slug), brother ali..i mean come on and wake the fuck up before you say something like that

    all in all the dude who made this cover is obviously trying to stir up controversy..it gets his tape plays.

  • DDO

    weird. I was randomly singing White America today.

  • It’s unnecessary. Don’t know why they would do that.

  • adub

    george bush doesn’t care about black people.

  • TeGo

    got damn that’s fucked up lol,

  • Ummm…

    Shake is white, you fucking idiots.

  • you guys notice the lil kid dressed up too and the random dog.ha. Its shocking, but if your a fan of em’s music than you should have the stomach for this type of stuff even though it isnt coming officially from em.

  • So where’s the download for the entire tape?

  • Im White. Im Not Affended. I Actually Like The Cover, Not Because Hes Hanging, Just Because Its Dope And Creative, Im Sure Em Would Think So Too. ALL YOU AFFENDED WHITE PEOPLE, I GIVE NO FUCKS, NEITHER SHOULD YOU

  • Muzzie

    “So you’re riding Em’s d*** on the tracklisting, and you’re hanging him on the album cover”

    Uh, yea? The mixtape title is a play on White America, and the whole white rapper in a black genre thing.

    And people are saying it’s racist? Really?

  • wow people are fuckng retards

  • Shake

    “So where’s the download for the entire tape?”

    since it hasnt dropped yet there isnt a link. look for it on monday.

  • f. scott fitzgerald

    yeah its fair game…after all we all the same…conglomeraete…coalltion..we are one nation we are one globe we are people we are united…nice look shake and meka out on the blend…and yall go buy THIS>ANINT>NO>MIXTAPE

  • Link

    i agree with
    ” wow u people are fucking retards”

    the Maker of this CD obviously wants attention jus for the artwork and thats what yall are giving him

  • Voltron

    I was thinking people would interpret it as being racist towards BLACK people, like: “The blacks are taking over. Beware, a black president. The tables are turned, they coming for us all…” etc.

    Obviously, however, I dont think this is the intended message of the artwork.

  • is u didn’t notice its called black America…. and all the “kkk” members are wearing black… and hes a white person… so everyone saying this is a racist KKK cover… look at it a little more closely because its clearly meant to be deeper than that…

  • OK, all in all, it is just a FAKE picture on a mixtape. I mean you can look in some history books and find REAL pictures of stupid honkies standing around hung black ppl like its nothing.


    Luda fits better on this song than Em. It also makes me realize that I would never want to hear these two on a song together…they just don’t fit well together

  • demise

    haha. someone said slug was white.

  • blah

    “the Maker of this CD obviously wants attention jus for the artwork and thats what yall are giving him”


  • Lotlan

    LMAO, that artwork concept is clever and fuckin hilarious to me.
    well done lol

  • Lotlan

    @ Haastradamus


    LMAO @ the rottweiler too

  • Stephanie

    Why are white people coming out talking about how they’re not offended? This wasn’t meant to be offensive, it’s a metaphor. Open your damn minds. It makes me uncomfortable, regardless of message and skin color, but that’s probably what it’s meant to do.

    Gonna pass up the tape though, not so much of an Em fan.

  • Rez

    this is offensive. if the same thing was done with someone black hanging, ya’ll would be jumping round like a bunch of babboons.

  • Correction

    ^^^So true.
    Im black, and I know that if it were a black man hanging and a bunch of KKK members wearing WHITE around him, many people (myself included) would post hundreds of comments saying that that shit was racist, but it’s interesting that we ignore it if it’s the other way around.

  • Reign

    r u all dumb, thats a metaphor

  • its not racist just a play on the situation at hand… Eminem is a great artist hands down in a genre dominated by African Americans. So its like everyone’s comin at him (i guess). I just think that the cover was an attempt to get people hyped over the mixtape because it isnt really going to be that good (as in there wont be any new music on it just blends of old shit)

  • ledavidisrael

    a hate crime, thats what we call these! and your buddies over at nahright actin like oprah over the homie asher roths comments. FUCK NMC. yall a bunch of nappy headed hoes.

  • & the part of this is???

  • LAStateOfMind

    smh at all these ignorant posts. No one (except idiots) got mad when AZ was hanging on his cover for N.4.L (niggas for life).

    “Why are white people coming out talking about how they’re not offended? This wasn’t meant to be offensive, it’s a metaphor.”


  • seeing how the guy holding the burning flag has pretty light skinned arms n hands (white boy), this cover makes no fucking sense, must be some stupid fucking european behind the art work considering ne american showing the flag burning is a piece of shit…who’d do that?

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  • Pingback: Eminem’s At It Again…Controversy or Art? Both? | Tha Feedback | We Can't & We Won't And You Shouldn't Either!()

  • If you were a real good dj you could blend some eminem lyrics from the eminem show and make a decent rick ross diss record. I will wait for DJ Green Lantern to come through with that.

  • goindigital

    EDIT: for some reason, the link to the OKP post was taken down, maybe 2DBZ doesn’t allow external links in their comment section. Understood. Here’s the text:

    Do I have a right to be offended by this?

    Shake, of 2DopeBoyz, didn’t even post up this mixtape — just the “dope” (really?) artwork that’s sure to “cause a shitstorm in the comment section”. I don’t even have to mention that if there was a role-reversal here, and say, Kanye West was hanging from a tree, how crazy the public outcry would be. 2DopeBoyz is now a part of OKP, and this is now a reflection of OKP — a population in hip-hop that I have supported with more than just money…but my time, effort, thoughts, etc.

    What good does this do, exactly? Something like this doesn’t just set race relations back, it also to a larger extent sets hip-hop back. Hip-hop is a culture in and of itself, and an artform that has always bridged many cultures together.

    These blogs as a whole need to get off of their high horse. Getting MP3’s in your email inbox before everyone else doesn’t entitle you to shit-talking artists that you are using to get your hit counts up. These guys can be pioneers, but at the end of the day, they don’t care about this genre, they care about stroking their own egos, their hit-counts and their advert money. They can be carrying themselves as journalists, but they aren’t.

    When the industry model began to fall apart, these guys were at the right place at the right time. However, they, their egos, would like to think they somehow led to the downfall of the industry as we knew it. Yet, they still value the same things these industry folks and the radio DJ’s valued. Just as bad, if not worse. A wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will. Like the radio DJ, like the record industry as it once was — these type of bloggers will not last either. They are not progressive. Their ideas and thoughts will not transcend time.

    ?uest, Dan, Ginny, Shamz, whoever. Find a real blog to support that respects the hip-hop culture. This makes me feel dirty and I can say for the first time that I’m not proud of being an OKP if this is the crowd they choose to associate themselves with.


  • Shake

    ^^i responded in the thread (when i didn’t need to). and i’ll even leave that block of bullshit up too. people are reaching far too much to try and pin things on us. it’s hilarious actually. especially with a “racist” accusation. i guess the hate and shots come with being a bigger site and that’s fine… i’ll take it in stride. it’s not my fault folks are easily offended. not eve that… that folks easily miss points. did i say i super approve of the imgae? nope… said it was “crazy”. which it is. smfh….

  • goindigital

    LOL @ block of bullshit.

    Thank you for addressing a small part of a larger issue, Shake. Gold star for you, buddy.

  • goindigital






  • nick

    the download is not on the link any more so can some one send it to me at [email protected] thanks a lot

  • dontrip

    wow.. the amount of ignorance in these comments is astounding.. if ur white and offended by this then imagine how it would be if you were the actual historical target of aggression. and to think this is just “art” and not hundreds of years of oppression.

    in no way do i see this art as racist, towards whites. in fact i think its quite the other way around, and its disgusting. to equate eminem’s sense of alienation in the rap game by invoking such a deplorable history of violence towards my people is ridiculous and irresponsible. when did eminem become malcolm x? this whole colorblind thing is bullshit. yall can’t ignore history man

    and to jimbo. sounds like you just needed to masturbate your ego on here boy. you dont dictate shit so shut the fuck up.

  • opiate x

    apparently the files not found

  • SHOWMAN3000


    I love Em A LOT but don’t act like most of music caters to “Black America”

    Niggas respect Em but I never heard nigas bumpin Em shit in any hood. They all respect him but most don’t relate to Em some do but not majority. This DJ is a clown for that title.

  • LMFAO people would be taking offesnse to the cover… bottom line people… shit is dope – the music AND cover… And thats why its on here.

  • seanposten

    how do we get this mixtape?

  • Edon

    who even gives a fuck about the cover?

    if you got eyes, you should have noticed these:

    1. obama is half black
    2. the KKK’s members are pissed off
    3. they see that eminem is number 1# guy who does black stuff

    4. do you really give a fuck if the cover is racist toward black- or white people??

    im white, if some black dude told me that white people suck ass
    i wouldnt really care

    fuck off people, its eminem still!

  • Edon

    + i downloaded this whole balck amerika album
    my opinion is that it sucks

    its made like this, somebody took emimem’s acapella for example from withouth me song

    and put it on the other beat
    it sucks

  • mateo

    link is no longer working

  • legion

    look at the guy in the rope all the way to the left of the picture, his sleeves are rolled up and he is white. ?

  • legion

    im mean robe not rope. obviosly the guy in the rope is white

  • corey

    i havent been able to download this. anyway i get a new link to it?

  • mukee

    Is necessary to release da CD with that pick?

    I just don’t understand, I’m black and Argnentinian & I used to like eminem. But this kind of SH*T that he let to happend,make me say FUCK ‘EM years ago.

    I enter to this page after i saw the cover.
    I think in an insult to show KKK in any pick.

  • tiku



  • hahahahahaha actually JIMBO buddy JEWS run this world not u Anglo Saxons… they use ur similar looks against u fuckin TOOL

    that is all

  • Katie

    This isn’t racist at all! It is shocking- that’s the point- it is a shock tactic. At first glance you could be offended but offended at what? The absurdity of it- black cloaks, a white man hanging, it all seems so outrageous but this happened and these values are still held by people in the kkk. It puts a different spin on it. Is it somehow more absurd, less acceptable this way round? Art speaks, and this speaks loud….. I like it.

  • NL 4 Leven

    WTF, I mean I’m white and i’m not offended at all, but this shows that blakc people are realy nag about discrimination, bacause if it would have been the other way around, black people would be realy pissed and stuff, ow and one more thing: Holland 4 life, we’ve got weed, suckers!!!