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  • demise

    solid track

  • uzi

    need another sv album

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  • http://theunusualsuspectz.blogspot.com rich

    this sounds like some fresh air

  • Che Grand


  • justin…….

    niiiiiice. this album is gonna be dope.

  • AnalogDigital

    its official DETROIT RUNS REAL HIP HOP

  • Clark

    Wow that feels really right to hear Baatin come in with a verse. Got some good albums to look forward to this year but it still cracks me up how the masses go to all sorts of crappy shit. Can somebody tell me what it is that makes niggas like Lil Wayne? I've heard Wayne since Hot Boyz and dude has never been that fresh to me, I feel like I'm missing something...oh well I'll stick to my Slum Vill, Outkast, Common, Kweli, and Mos.

  • http://undergroundhiphopnation.blogspot.com Dilla Donuts

    That track has been on their Myspace for almost a week now, not today...

  • markeith504

    damn dilla donuts

    just be happy that these niggas at 2dopeboyz even gave us a link to DL the track
    stop tryin to prove niggas wrong

    be happy that 09 is lookin up for the hip hop fans
    and im happy baatin came with his verse

  • http://undergroundhiphopnation.blogspot.com Dilla Donuts

    ^^ I was just playin around, I'm always just playin around man, it's the internet. Nobody should be catchin feelings over somebody they don't even know talkin a little shit every now & then.

  • L.O.S.

    Shit Bangs!

  • http://www.myspace.com/334tilthedeathofme ADSix┬░

    Can't wait for the album! Good to see Baatin back. I love the Villa

  • Great!

    If you don't have that Marsha Ambrosius mixtape, KYS! That track "R.I.P"?????!! OMG!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405400589 Joujitta

    I rlaley enjoyed your blog. Its always nice when you read something that is not only informative but entertaining. Greet!