The Empire & Gucci Mane – Guccimania (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake April 30, 2009

Gucci! Umm, yea. Exclusives, unreleased shit, yadi yadi. A typical Empire mixtape, with a horrible rapper… I will never ever ever understand why people like this shit. Ever.

DOWNLOAD: The Empire & Gucci Mane – Guccimania (Mixtape)

  • Digitek

    I’m not a huge Gucci fan, but 1 reason people like him is because he’s actually DONE what 95% of rappers CLAIM they have …other than that, I’m with you.

  • termbeensick

    gucci > 2 hoax boyz

  • whatstrapenin

    people like him because he knows how to write BANGERS

  • chase

    not to be a hater but i dont like gucci at all

  • MEB
  • Starks

    Basically what Digitek said he’s a real nigga lmao… sucks at rapping though…

  • demise

    dumb people like dumb music. thats the only reason I can come up with as to why people would want to destroy there ears with that garbage

  • demise

    their ears*

  • People like Gucci cause he’s a real nigg*. He doesn’t rap to get popularity – he raps to tell his life.

    Gucci Gucci …Yeaaahhhh

  • Pssssst

    “baking soda, pot & a silver spork. you already know its time to go to work”
    “my baby need some shoes, my auntie need a purse.”
    im counting my money in my living room. birds everywhere, i call it the chicken room”
    “pills in the cabinet, pounds in the den, attic full of guns, basement full of benjamins”

    nobody out the south is fucking with gucci. except killer mike. one of the only southern rappers i actually want to succeed.

  • LO$

    so iceeeeeeey (8)

    lol not a gucci fan but thats actually the only track i fucks with that gucci came out with

  • Jaywall

    I seriously thought all this gucci love/hype was a well-played out joke…then I saw on Niketalk how serious dudes were, they are even saying Gucci > HOV..wow.

    Hip-Hop – 0

    Garbage Music – Alot.

  • Chuck E.
  • demise

    lmfao psssst I hope you are joking with that last statement. you realize how many people shit on them out of the south?

  • Pssssst

    guccis just entertaining. niggas in the south aint got style,swag, money so there opinion dont matter. guccis aura be shitting on ya other southern niggas

  • Jaywall

    Hell No.
    Gucci is one of the wackest out the south…and the souths got some wack ass niggas.
    Im from the south btw so none of that region racist claims

  • demise

    k pssst, goooood reasoning. don’t think any more needs to be said on my part

  • Shake

    hahaha… oh man, so gucci’s appeal is that he’s “real”

    so i can hand over a mic to some of the realest people on the planet but they cant formulate a 5 word sentence and people will jock him? interesting…

  • Pssssst

    i dont know why its so strange. look at all the attention lil wayne got. people call him a great rapper. aahahaahaahahahahahahahaaha drake the next big thing, asher this, charles hamilton that. gucci makes some of the best ignorant music. its all entertainment for me. ya niggas want some kind of emotional attachment to a rapper.

  • justin…….

    He’s terrible.

  • gambit354

    i dont know why either shake and im from GA, but he does write catchy hooks i can at least give him that

  • Digitek

    I’m just sayin, in this day in age of ‘swagger’ (god i hate that fuckin word) there are so many rappers that CLAIM to have flipped this and sold that, busted heats, done time here, etc etc ..dude’s actually done it, not to say he can spit (he can’t lol), but that’s where his appeal comes from …people will listen if they know he’s been through it….its as genuine as the ILL homey QuESt..without lyrics.

  • Digitek

    *dope lyrics.

  • Blu Jay

    Gucci mane knows how to rhyme, but when it comes to rappin and bein a lyricist he’s wack.

  • TrapZero

    I live in the South (Georgia to be specific) and I say Gucci sucks. I notice the people who listen to Gucci are fake gangstas niggas and dumb white people (who also listen to Soulja Boy.) To me, the best southern rappers is Killer Mike, B.o.B., Outkast, Pastor Troy, Luda (sometimes), Scarface & 8ball. I may be from the south but i like rap from other regions.

  • i never used to like gucci, but i’ve been feelin’ him lately…you need more bay slaps on here though…like dlo: http://www.zshare.net/download/58856941ccda21c5/

  • Blindsyde

    THe fuck is this garbage?

  • bank$

    I’ll fuck wit Gucci for one reason…beats. It sound good in the car. I can’t understand a fuggin’ word homey sayin – but the shit usually bangs.

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    The dude just knows how to write songs. He’s like the master at creating southern bangers. He’ a notch aboe Soulja Boy and a few notches below T.I. He def aint seeing Scarface, UGK, Oukast, Killer Mike, T.I. Young Dro, Rick Ross, Ludacrisbut he’s entertaining. I can’t say I own any of his albums or mixtapes but I would,kt mind listening to his shit if it came on the radio.

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Forgot to add Jeezy to that list. But I think I’ma download this mixtape. Although I have a feeling Gucci Mane in large doses won’t be pleasing to the ear or my brain cells. But some of his shit is so catchy I’m willing to risk

  • termbeensick

    what alot of u idiots fail to realize is that people listen to music for a slew of reasons and the reason person a listens to music may not be the same as person b’s reason…different artists offer up certain styles/sounds that may or may not appeal to everyones various taste….its just like food….u wont eat what u dont like but that dont make it bad or mean there arent other people who for whatever reason can enjoy or get satisfaction out of……damn too many simple minded squares on this site foreal

  • ooo yeah, i been waiting on some new gucci….haha.. don’t front like yall aint starting to like him shake and meka

  • termbeensick

    p.s. this tape goes hard

    im so wasted she so wasted

  • A typical Empire mixtape, with a horrible rapper… I will never ever ever understand why people like this shit. Ever.


    Shake, sir, you forever have my respect. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • demise

    lmfao @ this dude relating it to food come on. its not that people ever aruge against different tastes. its that dumbasses really act like this shit is nice. its like saying kwame brown is your favorite player, but having the balls to say he is better than shaq. come on

  • B Tank

    Pure wackness

  • ill

    one of the worst rappers alive.

  • EscoLet’sGo

    “The Empire, if you don’t hear the drops then this is not a true exclusive.”

  • Ryder

    this shit sucks dick!



  • termbeensick

    i think 2 many “hip hop heads” on this site are white kids from the burbs..smh

  • whatstrapenin and chicago-gogetter said it perfect… the nigga writes hooks and hits,., period… freaky gurl, bricks, pillz… the shit just go.. i fuck with all types of music… thats real hip hop.. not just PH and Blu… that aint hip hop, hip hop is the collective and respect for all forms… read what he is actually saying, he knows what he’s doing…

    the nigga got his name for a NY rapper in the eighties of the same name, gucci man.. so he knows his music…

  • Preo

    i think there is a secret club that emailed random people telling them theyd pay them to praise Gucci like he was God… cuz a lot of people are doing it

  • SHOWMAN3000


  • SHOWMAN3000

    Anyone who believes that this man can rap should not support hip-hop music again in their life. If Gucci man is a good rapper than it disrespects all the creative lyricist that have paved the way for hip-hop music.

    I’m not overreacting either; to prove it name 5 rappers who Gucci Mane is better than?? Please!!!


    SHAKE!!!these empire guys is jackin my whole steeze
    im not tryna promote..i just want u 2 see what i released a month ago

  • Rob

    hahaha I love gucci when im drinkin, rollin, or geekin. Preferebly the last 2 with somethin soft to squeeze on. My 2 cents, haha yall critique gucci mane like every rapper SHOUlD be the same. Aight enjoy your day reader.

  • lil tay

    man wat yall on gucci mane one of the est out of the south what yu mean TRAP-A-HOLICS all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bambam

    man fuck wat a niga think gucci mane da best rapper alive and his new artist he juice mane right behind but fuck it da haters going to hate but dem so icey boys still stacking money o yea and fuck young jezzy music dat shit dont get played around here iam dedecateing an photo alubm to gucci mane on my myspace comming soon ([email protected])

  • tony

    what is that one gucci song that has the i dream of jeanie beat to it?

  • kdjuggernaut

    bam bam is a certified retard. number 1 you just said gucci mane is the best rapper alive? wtf have you been smokin’. number two oj the juiceman has less vocabulary than short bus students. these two idiots suck. anyone who thinks they are good rappers should be pistol whipped till their braindead, as if they already arent. and number 3 you muz be a ignorant ass nigga cuz your dedicating a photo album to another man come on?? thats straight fagitissh! gucci mane is the epitomy of whack rap. uneducated nigga music. and then people say he’s cool cuz he’s real lol wtf is that supposed to mean ok so he sold drugs(STUPID) thats what you look up to??? cuz thats what the fuck it sounds like. you are just as dumb as the music you listen to. a rappers hood cred doesnt make them dope in my book and it shouldnt for other’s people are just ignorant to their own situations we support garbage like this and wonder why it took so long for us to get black president..its pitifull

  • gucci mane da shit for all yall pussy bitches out there hatting yall some pussys lil-d

  • pz

    yea no one knows wut that i dream of jeannie beat is by gucci? thats shyts naaasty..

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  • Point blank Game FLOPPED…. He needs to stay in his lane, nobdoy wanna hear all that Jay n 50 dumb shit…. If he wanted to get a buzz all he needed to do was throw 400 bars at Rozay fake ass… He the one cloggin up the lane for real G hiphop rappers…

  • g2XYKE shasvancgfpn