• http://thatneedle.wordpress.com Mr. Needle

    Thanks shake! I check other sites to get these songs when they do drop, but having your reinforcement makes me go back and actually listen to them. lol [/jocking]

  • The Kid CK

    Damn, I almost can't hear the difference between Teairra Mari's and Millian's version of Diamonds..
    Thanks for this post btw.

  • bulls4eva

    shake what site do you go to get these songs?

  • Jay Daniels

    shake, need a re up on that neyo song?? it only plays for like 30 seconds and cuts. sounds dope.

  • m.impeccable

    the sean ray jam is messed up too...sounded promising..

  • eightiesboy

    ye, the neyo track is kinda incomplete... reup please :)

  • D.

    that em and dre song is sick,get used to the accent i guess.i dont mind tho

  • Vinnie

    I remember that photo spread that Christina Milian did with The Source back in the day...great googly moogly...

  • buddy love

    jay if you look at the websites he shouts out that the site where he got the tracks from

    that yung berg, ray j , song is crack

  • Sean Juan

    Not feeling the Ginuwine. Sounds like a Beyonce song to me. Too many singers are all on the same shit. They don't know how to make be original. Maybe because so many of them use the same producers and the same writers. I don't know.

    On the other hand, I'm highly anticipating the new Maxwell album after that track last week.

  • bigdog

    that ain't Brandy on that track either

  • bigdog

    Corey Williams sound like J. Holiday too. ^^ and that maxwell album is gon be fiyyyahhhh!

    but props on this shake, keep this comin every week! this a good way to start the week on monday morning

  • http://toomuchpretty.blogspot.com/ The Milk to Your Shake

    Was the Ne-Yo supposed to just be a snippet? It's .47 MBs, 30 secs long?
    And wow that doesnt sound like Brandy at all- altho tbh, how long has it been since we've even heard her voice!? Its likely we all just forgot what it sounded like, plus shes grown since then.

  • Reign

    who is the gal in that pic up top

  • uzi

    yea who the chick

  • ChYnO

    what happen with the ne-yo song!?
    that "chick" is Christina Milian

  • Raskal

    Fire to the people. Good Looking out.

  • http://coldtrane.com Truth

    the fact that you are calling ginuwine a comeback kind of says what the problem is....i agree with the poster who said all the rnb acts are starting to sound the same. and with hip hop starting to blend into rnb melodies all urbanized music is starting to sound the same (sadly) peeople should step this stuff out, and find their own niche. i put a rnb cd in i want to set the mood for my chick, not necessarily dance and do what i do at the club. we left the club early to slow it down. that maxwell cd is about to get mad burns i'm sure.

    on the topic of ginuwine, im not really excited for his "comeback" probably because i havent heard much of it (the bulk of my music comes from here), and probably because he's missing that sound he had when he first came out with bachelor and 100%. muhfucka got married and forgot that his fans was still out here pimpin.