• http://2dopeboyz.com/ Meka

    >...and how ladies should step their pussies up. Yea…>


  • Correction

    I thought dirty thoughts. Am I a bad person, Meka?

  • Musikfiend

    Cancel out Angela Yee & you got the perfect 3peat.

  • Musikfiend

    Oh yeah & give me any personality Nicki decides they all got the same pussy, lol.

  • http://twitter.com/tommykreling Tommy

    I loved Kim Kardashian's un-airbrushed magazine cover...she is banging and cant worry about a little cellulite. Its a nice change in Hollywood with all these nasty-skinny ass white girls running around.

  • George Clooney

    Nikki seems like a real intelligent girl.


  • nick

    i guess kim doesnt know that em wants to stick a flashlight up her ass yet.

  • uzi

    *rapidly raises hand*

  • Lotlan

    as soon as I saw Nick Minaj & Tahiry I definitely thought sex...

    @ Tommy

  • Shady Universe

    *raises hand* lol

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  • L1A

    eminem is stan himself. he was talking about himself on the song

  • wad

    kim paid for ass not to be skinny so pass
    Ima go with nick

  • http://coldtrane.com Truth

    didnt kim say it was cool?

    so were they talking about. the leaked photos are for complex and not anything fun? damn.

    i dont know how i feel about nicki.

  • http://www.twitter.com/andrewwade58 KillaCityChief

    Damn, I saw the names in the title and clicked play purely on instinct. They can all get it... Whenever they want it.

  • http://languageartz.com MaccMan

    i think i would need to holla @ Carmen..i need that one thing when i wake up err morning...and wating when i get home @ insane hours...Niki has a good energy to her..need to hear more music

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  • http://n/a g.2

    id step her pussy up, down, back, forth, wherever.


    thats just how i roll .. nikki, fuck with it

  • http://lifewithbookie.tumblr.com bookie

    i wanna know what Carmen does..lol

  • celebma

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