Raekwon x DJ Absolut - Blood On Chef's Apron (Mixtape)

The tape went on sale a few days ago over on Rae's MySpace page. Now we get a download link (thanks TSS). OB4CL2 dropping August 11th!? We'll see...

Tracklist + Download link after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: Raekwon - Blood On Chef's Apron

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  • Shake

    im uploading a .zip on mediafire now, so don't you dare come in here and start bitching!@

  • ck47

    alright then shake

  • uhh


  • Shake

    ^^play in traffic.
    maybe the ambulance will be late as well.

    added the .zip


  • high my name is sean


  • high my name is sean

    O4MCL2 comes out on my born on date. Serious Business. Happy Birfday to MEEEE!!

  • ag103

    wow... raekwon & b-real??

    and that "flashback memories" joint with game is a hectic track

  • Dfrye

    LOL. Uhh just got ethered by shake, anyways thank you for the upload shake. I completely forgot about this, so far it sounds ill.

  • Dfrye

    I wouldn't bank on that release date, I'm going to guess it gets pushed back at least 3 months from there. But that would be a damn good birthday present.

  • BeatMonarchs

    im just hopen that we get 2 c them track dre n rza supposedly did for raekwon well he was on aftermath for like 4 months

  • uhh

    playing in traffic doesn't necessarily mean you will get hit, and the cars will most likely move out the way..ambulance's are never late unlike you shake.

  • step

    OB4CL2 is gonna be some dope shit

  • John

    Can't wait for CL2...This is dope! Chef in the building...Wu bringin that fire again!

  • Seeingwithmyears

    @ ugh

    Do you have a life dude, cause all you ever do is talk about how late the dopeboyz are, which means you must spend a ton of time on the Internet to not only get this stuff before them, but also report that they're late on it everytime

  • $pence

    yo uhh- i wish yo moms period woulda never been "late". fuck outta here

  • Why cant people jsut download winrar?

    I mean SERIOUSLY

  • At the very least, I'm glad it's up now, so... thanks Shake?

    Wu Tang remains unfuckwitable.

  • Lotlan

    @ Shake
    i'm just glad you uploaded this on mediafire brotha, WAAAY less hassle when downloading.

  • jhink

    thx shake been looking 4ward to this!

  • Adup

    signed @ JacquesMorel

  • Qu’ality


    http://www.myspace.com/inHIGHquality (my music) get at me.


    Industry politics - haven't we been waiting on this album for like 2 years already? I'm so tired of releases getting shelved/delayed because the industry doesn't have enough marketing behind a release. I'm looking forward to this one though, I'll get it whenever it comes out ... Detox might be out by then though. :)

  • Kw3li
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  • Yo

    Raekwon is stilll doing this shit! bon bon

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  • Scarab

    Shake - my dude... can you re-post this Mixtape? I missed it the first time around.


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