Frank Ramz - DopeRamz (Video)


The kid Frank Ramz wrote a few verses (in 10 minutes) over the Dopeman instrumental that was scooped from the dopehouse. And since I never got around to posting it before; hit the jump for his latest project, Falling Up (which gets a Shake Stamp of Approval... whatever that means haha).

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ramz - Falling Up

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  • http://www, Dmack

    mixtape was fire
    cdq plzzzzzzzz

  • Dmack

    mixtape was fire
    cdq please.

    My favorite/funniest bar:
    Rappers taking shots cuz I rap the sickest
    But they all misses, like some married bitches


  • M-Select

    straight verses, but who cares how long they takes to write! a lot of mc's treat their verses like written freestyles anyway

  • DRE

    OH this sh*t was so dope now i gotta put this beat to rest

  • Ja.

    mixtape IS dope

  • Confusion

    Ramz is the sh!t

  • brandUn DeShay

    go Ramz!

  • Frank Ramz

    just came from a show to see this surprise..good looking Shake!

  • D Dave

    Dope Man!!!!

  • H

    2 ill verses for sure. menage, mirage

  • sound verite

    Dudue is very nice with it!

  • Fuze the Mc

    Ramz is too ill wit it

    "Rappers taking shots cuz I rap the sickest
    But they all misses, like some married bitches "

    Drake said something similar

    Drake-Say Whats Real
    "I make hits and like a bitch thats married i ain't miss/
    24 hours from greatness, i'm that close"

    Not the same but similar

    Ps.Ramz + Fuze Collabo coming soon

    over all dope freestyle

  • Kwan Lee

    i got frank ramz on this compilation right here with a song called that fire!

    thats Purple Pain right there...

  • JunesY

    this dude spits/speaks the truth
    synonym niggas sound a like ha!
    get'em FrankRamz.
    For 10minutes this should be on a song on a radio making a lotta these mainstreamers mad...cant wait till he hurries up &blows up im tired of downloadn his mixtapes; i wouldnt mind paying 4 it

  • Threatz

    dude from my boro too, that's a good look but this shit is dope


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