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U-N-I x Sneaker Pimps x cARTer (Video)

blame it on Meka May 12, 2009

The homie Mario just came through with footage from this year’s Sneaker Pimps show in Los Angeles. Did any one of youse attend any of the stops? If so, thoughts?

  • Jose For Prez

    U-N-I killed this shit. I’d like to see them and Drake rock a show

  • AI4

    The Love Supreme had like 2 nice joints on there…they should just let Dibia$e handle all the production…

  • i hit up the show and thought it was all dope. i ran into carter at the DC store before the show and chopped it up with him a little. then U-N-I did there thing on stage. Wale killed it as usual. i had no complaints about this years sneakerpimps…

  • FeiLong


    The Love Supreme had like 2 nice joints on there…they should just let Dibia$e handle all the production…

    AI4 said this on May 12th, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    I like all the joints on A Love Supreme and it’s not even their official album. Nothing I’ve heard this year is better. I can’t wait to hear more Dibia$e production as well

  • Suckadickup tiluhickup Meka& Shake

    U-N-I is defenitely one of LA’s weakest links…They aint got shit on real emcees like Pac Div…El Prez & Carter are the weakest fa sho…U-N-I,El Prez,& Carter have no cadence and lack of flow..it seems they spend more time on their clothes than on their rhymes hahaha…i should slap each and every one of u fkn dickriders out there starting off with the BIGGEST DICKRIDERS of all..Meka & Shake…yall some square ass bitch ass fooz straight up hahahaha

  • >…i should slap each and every one of u fkn dickriders out there starting off with the BIGGEST DICKRIDERS of all..Meka & Shake…>

    you wouldn’t even get close enough to think about doing so, juan[at]hotmail[dot]com.

  • Murdock



  • Had our photographer out there! Shit was dope as usual! We’ll be covering the ATL and MIA stop as well. Check the pics out at http://www.pplusmag.com. CHEA!

  • Suckadickup tiluhickup Meka& Shake

    U-N-I is the shit? hahahahaha…the song NoNo by Pac Div is dedicated to U-N-I /Meka&Shake…lol…and meka u aint shit and fa sho u aint untouchable…hahaha…u can blogdeeznuts in yo mouth u fan ass nigga…btw Pac Div is signed to universal cuz they got rhymes for days to rap circles around u fkn squares..hahaha..and murdock wtf kind of name is that u square followin ass u-n-i’s nuts in yo mouth ass bitch…murdock and meka/shake i can tell yall gets no pussy or if u do u be gettin it from ugly busted ass females hahaha…Meka dont make a real mothafka smack u upside yo head and mess up ur pretty lil dreads boy! hahahaha just do what u do which is dickride and leave the tough talk alone u bitch ass nigga…enough said

  • Jose For Prez

    Pac div is wack…they got signed cus they sucked dick for their deal…them niggas ain’t touchin U-N-I…what does a record deal do for you these days anyway besides getting shelved?

  • jose for prez/murdock/meka&shake….ALL 4 OF YOU BITCH ASS SQUARE FAGGOTS CAN SUCK A DICK UP TIL U HICK UP U WORTHLESS PIECES OF SHIT WHO LOVE TO DICKRIDE LIKE A COWGIRL INTO THE SUNSET WHILE HAVIN A DICK IN YOUR MOUTH!! HAHAHA LET YOUR BALLS DROP YOU DUMB SOFT ASS BITCHES!!!and as for jose for prez dont know shit about hip hop if ur sayin pac div is wack..someone anyone who knows who jose for prez is please bitchslap his dumb fkn lack of musical knowledge ass up…if i knew how u faggots looked like i would backhand u like the bitchjes u are..hahahah..ive wasted enough time on u faggots…go dickride ur purposeless life away u fag fucks..hahaha

  • slap box

    whaaaat???? Meka caught feelings and put dudes email on blast????? WOW Meka You LOST!!!! ***i was at la sneaker pimps.. & On the real carter gots bars but it was like 8 30pm when dude went on so it was pretty dead as u can see above. idk why he says he just “killed sneaker pimps”,(smh) he bitterly exited the building soon after. Uni. defintiely does not have bars. although they did put together a cool album. Anyways those were the Only 2 acts of the night that had to rap from the crowd to get some crowd participation.(in their own backyard) Wale got Way more love then them, but dudes most memorable line ever is “ma name wale” good music is hurin right now wit so much Average shit shinin on the internets thesedays.

  • DP

    this cat above me is too ignorant. How can you say that U-N-I is wack and as soon as someone calls Pac Div wack you ready to talk some internet beef shit? To me it seems like you the dickrider my dude with all this Pac div praise. I don’t have a problem with either of these groups and personally I like U-N-I cuz they make music that relates to my life. But don’t get salty if someone calls your type of music wack and you started the whole shit from the get go.

  • DP

    and i was talking to suckadickcup meka dude or whatever the hell it is.

  • Brooklynati

    Actually, U-N-I has crazy bars. Thurz himself would rap circles around Pac Div and any other upcoming act. They had the best performance of the night and got more love than Wale….Wale asked the crowd “Please make some noise, because my label is here and I don’t want to look bad.” As soon as U-N-I got on stage folks were showin crazy love. Let’s get the facts straight.

  • Jose for Prez

    I agree with Brooklynati. That “suckadickcup” douchebag doesn’t know real Hip-Hop. U-N-I spits crazy bars. Check the “Before There Was Love” mixtape. Thurz and Y-O definitely went in, and I love Thurz’s verse on “Return” with Talib Kweli…dude has quotables…and these dudes can ACTUALLY MAKE SONGS that don’t sound the same like that wack mixtape recently put out by the Cool Kids. Honestly, U-N-I and Drake are killin shit

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