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brandUn DeShay & The Super 3 – The Super D3Shay (FreEP)

blame it on Meka May 14, 2009

Before he drops his Vol. 3 mixtape, brandUn is dropping this FreEp of joints he concocted with The Super 3. Tracklist & link under the cut.


1. Intro (I Want Eargasms) [Prod. The Super 3]
2. Radio Love [Prod. The Super 3]
3. The Last Martians [Prod. The Super 3]
4. Play It Safe [Prod. brandUn DeShay]
5. Searching For [Prod. The Super 3]
6. Interlude (Bad Day) [Prod. The Super 3]
7. We Were [Prod. brandUn DeShay/The Super 3]
8. Where Is Home [Prod. The Super 3]
9. Outro (Sign Off) [Prod. The Super 3]

DOWNLOAD: brandUn DeShay & The Super 3 – The Super D3Shay (FreEP)

  • Pancakes!

    brandUn DeShay is SICK! DOn’t sleep on this cat!

  • Pancakes!

    Artwork looks dope BTW

  • Yeah definitely pay attention to brandUn he’s got some serious talent

  • Thelonious

    WOW! the production on this is CRAZY!

  • Mark

    uh….kinda outta left field, but its a breath of fresh air

  • Super 3 x Deshay x FREE!? You’d be a fool not to download, and donate 9.99 plus tax for this one!

  • DubleRR

    i cant wait for the odd future niggas to drop tapes. this EP was fuckin beastly.

  • Fredrick Don

    WOW! this took me by suprise! but guess i should have been warned by the cover!
    with that said this is a very nice change in gears. This is my first time hearing both of these artist and i must say they both did a very good job. Only thing i dont get is the distorted voices but thats just minor and i guess it work with the concept.


  • Lilo

    For real this junk go hard shawty!!!!! I been on that Super 3 super hard since they had their myspace page…they are a breath of fresh air and they are like masterminds at work plus they do their own artwork which is even more hotter!!!! And for them to team up with Brandun is even better…People need to stop sleepin on them and get on this before they blow up and everyone be jumpin on that bandwagon!!

  • Man hands down The Super 3, Brandun Deshay, & ODD Future are the fxckin future *signing off*

  • DAMN! why so short!

    nice EP tho

    very unexpected

    The Super 3 sound like The Talking Heads! LMAO!

  • kdjuggernaut

    man brandun deshay dopest artist out hands down bro .. cnt wait 4 vol.3 and homie hodgy’s dena tape odd future all day brandun u knw who diz iz ya boy frm waukegan stay up

  • Supa

    Love the Lyrical Content Displayed by DeShay, But Super 3 are actually the Odd Kids out in Odd Future. Although I like Super 3 the Sound needs to be more Developed and Matured.

  • Lil Nikka

    This is overall a really dope EP, The beats are different but Brandun rides them well…..

    good shit

  • Yes Yes Yes. brandUn DeShay is my nxgga! The future of hip-hop indeed. Been on em since Vol. 1. N Not only is he a fxckin dope artist, but he’s a cool ass person too. Trust me, i know. Matt Martians did his thing too! Dope collab all around. Shoutout to the rest of the OF family! Tyler The Creator, Casey Veggies, Left Brain, and Hodgy Beats! ALL yall are saving the music industry. Real shxt.

  • DeShay & SUper 3 are my bros…the tape is classic…get the OF tape if you havent…support good music folks !!! LA-ATL-Chi Town !!

  • good shit super deshay . the EPs great. matt good job on the cover. and FOR EVERYONE THAT DOESENT KNOW THERE INFO AND IF YOU WANNA HEAR THEIR OTHER MUSIC GO HERE.myspace.com/superthree (super three) myspace.com/brandundeshay (branden deshay)

  • Man..Wait till we unleash Purple Cows in public.

  • hahah! thanks everybody for the support we really appreciate it! and look at NYCE throwing out hints! LMAO!

    -Matt Martian

  • Dope In Fucking Deed!

    If you sleeping Dream of Dope Music will pass you by.


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  • soundz like a kick from captain curt to the nut

  • Gerald C

    This EP is mad FIRE!! Them 2 is a perfect dou!! Best TracKs are “Radio Love” “Last Martian” “Radio Love” & “We Were”. The songs bring Sunshine to my cloudy day lol.

  • Ryan

    Can someone please tell me where the fuck to d/l The Odd Future Mixtape ? This mixtape right here: http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/1092/theoddfuture500x361lt5.png

    All I can find is the chopped and screwed version.

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  • Rocky

    Man this was good.