Eminem’s Relapse: Resistence iPhone Game Trailer pt.1 (Video)


Eminem's RELAPSE: Resistance video game official trailer produced by SkeeTV! Relapse available for iPhone / iPod touch from Shady Games on May 19th only at iTunes...

Speaking of iPhones, Willie D is facing 20 years for a scandal he was allegedly pulling on eBay.

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  • http://asfd Dan

    proof reading helps when running a widely viewed blog. Lots of misspellings on here. No shots though, idk. maybe no one told you? Love the page otherwise though. Just a heads up.

  • Shake

    im not trying to run for best spelled blog. and if it bothers you that much, read a dictionary. see if that can give you new music.

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  • ThaFuckinProblem

    imma get this game ahaha

  • Vivaek

    hahaha Shake you da man

  • Quint

    haha good reply shake

  • http://www.myspace.com/otivito V.P.

    lol @ shakes response. YO POST MY lark on my go kart Vmix! http://www.myspace.com/otivito

  • Wonderin

    I just died laughing at Shake's comment.

  • Timmy

    shake, can u give us cham and famous's new mixtapes pls.

    great site. keep up gd wrk.

  • eclipse

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