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Shyheim - Love Letters f. Mya

blame it on Shake May 14, 2009

looking at Mya >>> looking at Shyheim

Before I pass out from the prescription drugs here's some shit off Shyheim's latest album, Disrespectfully Speaking, which I think came out this week? Either way... shouts to my man Vega.

DOWNLOAD: Shyheim - Love Letters f. Mya | Mediafire
BONUS: Shyheim - Staten Island | Mediafire

  • Cesc

    Props on the usershare links Shake, much better than ZShare.
    Mya lookin nice.

  • 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shakwon

    as I know, it came out in '06 or even earlier..

  • Nelly

    Shyheim used to go hard when I was a lil lil lil nigga, lol.

  • Pancakes!

    Mya has and always will remain in the top list of baddest females of ALL TIME!!!! I LUV YOU MYA!
    Speaking of her, she was in this movie on BET lastnight w/ Jessica Rabbit (Melissa Ford) and Esquire from ATL...
    DAMN! You fine MYA!

  • Correction

    no face. at all.

  • bondi boy

    Mya in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights - most romantic movie ever.