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Eminem on Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross (Video)

blame it on Shake May 15, 2009


Eminem sits down with UK’s Jonathan Ross to talk about Relapse, his absence, what got him into hip hop, his humor and more. Earlier today, Meka posted up some bonus tracks off the album. I highly suggest you download both because they are really dope. As far as Relapse, I like it. Quite a bit actually. Part 2 (of the interview) and a performance of We Made You after the jump…



Shouts to PinBoard for the heads up.

  • El B. Sure

    that damn song is growing on me the more i hear it. dope interview.

  • TE

    Watched it on BBC over here in UK, pretty cool, those bonus tracks are awesome, if they would of replaced “we made you” and “crack a bottle” the album would of been straight classic, still buyin it though. MY DARLING is the shit!!!

  • Those bonus are crazy man, better than anything on Relapse except “Hello” reminds me of old school Em!

    Lemme see this interview =]

  • Ski

    The show was good tonight. Spliff smokin chimpanzees bit was funny. ;P

  • Great Interview And Great Performance

  • Mr. W3st

    em’s right eye tweaks madd kinds..lol


    You could tell Ross was a fan, but IMO he missed some key questions about the music Em wrote/recorded that he “didn’t feel was good enough to put out” and when he mentioned 1+ year sober, I wondered, what exactly does he mean by “Sober,” just from pills or alcohol as well (check the intro on the album) or no smoking/drugs whatsoever?

    dude’s suit is crazy bright in the light.

    “they all appear very splendid, but have a look at the fellow on the bottom right.” LMAO

    I would’ve liked to hear the convo between Em & Ben Stiller.

  • wowow

    damn look at eminems face when the host put that d 12 picture up and theres proof right in centre…you can tell eminem just felt it right that second man….despite the millions dudes still depressed and in a dark stage..i really hope he comes out of that depressive state…ems dope

  • BeatMonarchs

    we made you is actually a decent song when he does it live

  • JL

    Em really seems to not smile much anymore
    he’s still doin his thing when it comes to performing at least

  • Quint

    yeah when they showed that d12 pic and proof was in it i was thinking “shit”.. and em’s face just says it all

  • I’m sorry but WHY is he back?? Did anyone actually miss his angry behind???

  • Demon

    ^You’re in the minority, which is fine.

  • @ marly
    i miss him so keep that shit to your self.

    anyway big ups to alchemist on the 1’s and 2’s

  • MOARStrawberry

    If looks could kill, everyone in that audience would be dead at 9:40ish.

  • Unknown

    Can someone re-up the links for the bonus tracks???

  • David Jefferis

    I just bought relapse , its truly amazing , im so glad i didn’t download and didn’t listen to the tracks till they were actually out in australia , i hope every one supports and buys the album . hip hop sales will continue to fall with out every 1 person doing there part and showing there support , and illegal downloads of hard work and pain put into a cd will become bigger the more people download , please do your part and support.

  • 3

    Em never smiles?

  • lupang

    a a a a alchemist.

  • YouKnowwho

    Besides the only okay beats and horrible hooks, the bonus joints are dope.

  • Em really seems to not smile much anymore
    Em never smiles?
    i was thinking that too last night…after seeing these and then seeing him on kimmel, its like there’s times when he wants to smile but you can tell he’s holding it in. thats the only thing i’m not diggin’ about all these interviews.

  • why havent u guys posted this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2-cMdkwOEc

  • Krhyme

    1. Relapse is awesome. It’s good to see Em back and I hope this year is bless for him.

    2. It is sad he don’t look happy no more, but when u go through EXTREME measures of pill abuse, it can take AGES to get that person to be like how they used to be.

    3. “We Made You” is becoming one of them annoyingly enjoyable anthems