• chef

    necro is awful. craig g is a legend.

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  • Steve_O

    Does Necro not know that all Craig G does is fuck rappers up in battles? Necro does NOT want to go there with Craig G. The man defeated Supernatural, what more needs to be said about his skills? He wrote the battles for the movie 8 Mile (not Eminem's parts, but all the dudes that Em battled in the movie).

  • C-Town

    Wow. Necro may wanna leave this one alone. The guy is interesting and funny...but a dope MC? Hardly. Like dude said...the man beat Supernat. Necro's not even in the same league.

  • untruthfully_BLACK

    yea necro would get owned..easy

    lol @ the doomsday vinyl in the background..classic

  • random

    Craig G was washed up 20 years ago. Necro would destroy him.

  • Killa B Ching

    necro is the underground head honcho of hip hop. no one is more brutual