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Gucci Mane – Writing On The Wall (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 15, 2009

Here goes the first official mixtape from Gucci Mane since his release from prison. Again, I’m not a fan but I know some of ya’ll are. Spotted at NR.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

1. Intro
2. Hurry
3. Going In
4. Game ft. OJ the Juiceman & Kourtney Money
5. First Day Out
6. Waisted ft. Plies
7. Mr Tonight
8. Gorgeous
9. Gucci Speaks
10. 17 Brick Squad ft. DJ Holiday & So Icy Boyz
11. Perfect Diamonds
12. Everything ft. Yung LA & Supa
13. Gucci Montana
14. She Gotta Friend – Gucci Mane & Juelz Santana
15. Deck
16. Freestyle
17. We Got Dat ft. Chubbie Baby & Titty Boi
18. Its My Party
19. Girls Kissing Girls ft. Nicki Minaj
20. Freestyle
21. Pussy Rehab ft. Titty Boi
22. Hood Up ft. Busta Rhymes & Shawty Lo
23. Blood In, Blood Out
24. Outro

DOWNLOAD: DJ Holiday & Gucci Mane – Writing On The Wall

  • MR. 9O7

    BURRRRR lmao

  • Steve_O


  • Bizzy


  • ya’ll know i been waiting

  • Nelly

    mixtape go stupid hard

  • Dk

    Stop postin this wack shit

  • DP

    it might be wack to you but to the millions of niggaz out there that like gucci, this shit go hard. I don’t like dude but I can’t stop all my friends from bumpin this nigga music. so I tolerate it. wack shit I guess is the new hot shit now so whatever…

  • Shady Universe

    More Gucci music SMH…..He ain’t making shit off of this so dude made himself look like an ass in front of that judge. “I been busy recording music, give me another chance”. The fuck outta here. How this dude get out of a mandatory year anyway??? Last I checked a year was 12 months, not 6.

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  • terrible.

  • Steve_O

    @Shady Universe

    I don’t know what any of what you said had to do with Gucci’s music. I can’t stand his music, but I stil ain’t gonna judge him based of some dumb shit that has nothing to do with talent. You could’ve easily discredited him without mentioning any sort of “real shit”, and just stuck to his content. T.I. got basically the same sentence but that doesn’t make him equal to Gucci Mane, if you get where I’m coming from.

  • EscoLet’sGo


  • Shady Universe

    @ Steve_O

    To a certain extent they have the same deal but T.I. got way more shit though. I really wanna know how this dude got out of a mandatory year cuz I watched the courtroom video and I heard the judge say Gucci gets a mandatory year and he ain’t getting out any earlier but yet, Gucci gets out in 6??? Something ain’t right and I’m bashing this dude with the courtroom and music cuz all he does is mixtapes and that ain’t shit compared to albums but either way he shouldn’t have used music as a reason to not do them 600 hours which he should have done over the course of those 3 years and only did 25 and had the nerve to beg for another chance. Fuck that.

  • Steve_O

    I say again this should definitely be filed under the RAoF files. From the music to his wack ass fake chains, this whole shit screams Random Act of Fuckery!

  • SuperSlim64

    it actually aint that bad..the production is maaaad addictive…

  • Wet Lemons

    Lets get it! Gucci

  • SHOWMAN3000

    This is fuckery!

    Gucci Mane music =’s BLASPHEMY!

  • Nique

    Gucci Back Bitch!!!!

  • Korry

    Guccis mixtape game is shittin on every rapper right now, so all you fuck boys need to quit hatin on a nigga gettin money.

  • Gucci is da shit!!!

  • ACE boogy


  • Jethro

    Gucci mane is not a rapper he is a street nigga dat happens to rap, he ain a rap starch a trap star, peep don’t like him bcuz they don’t get wat he talkin bout, and I undastand dat but dude REAL and he only gonna rap about wat he knows which is trapping, jewelry and bitches cuz he got all dat…if u find his music wack then dats fine but don’t discredit his art…he represents southern street music and at least he speaking da truth unlike most of these rappers who rap bout wat they hear and NOT wat they live…he 1 of da best story tellers I heard, but real talk I like his freestyle betta then his official songs(listen to east atlanta 6 freestyle)

  • myghtymean


  • gucci mane = garbage
    the only thing that makes this mixtape bearable r the beats
    RAoF indeed

  • Fuck that, this shit is dope… If you like Gucci, it’s a classic.

  • Jay

    Fik dat my nigga gucci goin stoopid fuk u mean n waka flocka is 2 w a k a flocka flame all day oh let do it

  • obama_approved_it

    Classic gucci right here