• yaboysibz

    bad boy is consistent with inconsistency.. they cant keep a rapper in the spotlight for more than a year or two.. with the exception of big and of course, puffy... craig mack, mase, black rob, mark curry, g-dep, da band, young joc, etc...

  • Kol

    sounds good wonder what this project will be on

  • JLH

    Aasim had tons of potential. I love both the mixtapes he put out. But what can u expect fucking with Puffy.

  • JLH

    ^^^ My bad "Sean Combs" (word to Meka)

  • Antone

    i was skeptical when i heard the beat by itself...

    then the rhymes came on and made it 20x better. lookin' forward to the final result.

  • Tripple-A

    this beat is more noise than music and Sean C stays a shady corrupt A&R

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Thanks for the post. The beat was okay. I would like to hear the finished product before I blast it or congratulate it!!! Peace

  • http://cocotaso01.spaces.live.com/ Steph

    Aasim is that dude. Listen to Alphabet soup and you'll see what I mean

  • http://myspace.com/damagnum4u NIck

    What are u niggas sayin that beat is straight fire